Storm Season Early This Year

It was a so called triple whammy last weekend, and with all the hype, even the most experienced meteorologist could not nail it bang on. Of the three storms that were on the radar, the big one “Typhoon Sonsda” never even made a noticeable daybut as it floated over top and moved inland, it was storm number two that made the most noise, while the first storm made a mess from all the leaves and branches it knocked from off of the trees. But the one noticeable change that happened was how cool it overall appeared in such a short time as we moved from late summer into fall like weather.

From the first week of October, we were hold out with some really good days of weather. It was warm out for the most part. Sure, the rain crept in from time to time, but that was to be expected. When the news reported that we were in for some stormy weather on the horizon, well, summer delights changed to “Blahhhh” in fall. Yes, it happened that quickly. All of a sudden I was wearing a jacket to work, and having to pack a sweater with me, not to mention boots too for the puddles left from the rain.

The three storms that were forecasted made me feel apathetic. I am not going to lie to you, I did not buy it. I cannot count how many times we have had storm warnings, and nothing happened. Storm one was just a regular wind storm, nothing to jump up and down about. It made its mess, blowing leaves all over the place, and yes, my power did go out, but that is normal in my parts. It was storm two the changed everything for me. I was a believer of the Weather Channel after that. Storm two roared in like a steam engine set on full-on. My power was knocked out for nearly ten hours, and work was effected by it too. So while the wind and rain was ripping through the streets of Langley City, I decide to stock up on some emergency items like candles, canned food and water. The power was still out, and it was a Friday night, so going out was out of the question. Sleeping that night was hard with all the noise. So the broadcast news was saying that storm three was the “big one,” so I was on high alert.

With my box of candles and cupboard filled with non-perishable food, I felt I was ready as I could be. Storm three was due Saturday afternoon, so it was the waiting game as I cleaned up out from storm two. I charged my tablets and laptop up, and tied a few things outside down from the wind. I was ready.

I waited for the third storm. Saturday afternoon rolled on by, and still no major blow, or torrential downpour of biblical proportions, so I continued to wait. There was some winds by the time 6:00pm came and went, and the power did flicker on and off for a second or two, but that was it. Nothing—little rain, and a nice breeze atop the trees—nothing.

I felt ripped off having gone through that. Now I have a cupboard full of Cream of Mushroom Soup and two dozen plastic 500ml bottles of water, not to mention the box of candles that is taking up space now on my counter top. Storm three, or Typhoon Sonsda, was a complete dud by the time it hit the Lower Mainland and Frazer valley. Though to be honest, I did hear over the news that some parts did get it hard from the storm, but my region was left untouched.

Happy Thanks Giving – Some Photos to Share

I am just enjoying the long weekend, resting, relaxing as much as I can today, spending most of it at home, which goes hand in hand with not being at work while still getting paid for it. I slept in, as planned, and then took my tine getting up to face the day. Once up, and rejoicing that the curbside garbage got picked up too, I went for a walk after collecting my garbage can down my street, taking along my camera bag. This is what today looked like through my lens on this holiday Thanks Giving.


The above image are the Rose Hip bushes that grow along the side of the road by my home. Everywhere you go you will run into these plants, though I would not eat these becuase you have to walk through a swamp to get to them.


This is a good shot of the sky, or the type of day we had for weather. This Poplar Tree seemed like its leaves just turned yellow over night. I could have sworn that this tree was all green yesterday.


My favourite shot of the bunch, the Red Alder Leaves. I would call this the “Fall Shot” that best describes the season today. I just love the colours.


And just to balance out the colours on this web page, I have included these Pink Flower, which I think are Lady Slippers, though not too sure. The Bees sure love them. Sorry, no Bee shots.

Well, there you have it. All in a very short walk within just a kilometre from my driveway. After I post this, I will spend the rest of the day at home, enjoying the time off from work. So, Happy Thanks Giving!

Tom’s Movie Review: West World 2016 TV Series.

It is not often that I get hooked into a movie, or television series for that matter, that I spend some time researching it even before I actually see it. Well, West World got to me, and I was counting down the seconds until it aired. Why? Well, it is simple, West World is based upon the original West World from 1973, and the Television series picks up after thirty years since. So, being that I was a somewhat fanatic of the 1973 version (yes, it is creepy and hits the right notes for me as a Sci-Fi buff) who could not resist robots that go all artificial intelligent like, and start killing everyone they see, following that philosophical argument that if you make a machine that is as intelligent as we are, you treat it the same way you would want it to treat you—right. Right? Not so fast; we build the machine to serve us, no matter how messed up we used them for.

So, I had just seen the first episode. My first reaction is, “Very cool”! I was focused, ready to have my mind blown, ready for the twists and turns that the plots were going to take me on as I spend the next nine weeks waiting for next nine episodes to finish the story. This first episode did what it had to do; I am hooked! I even watch the 1973 version, just to prepare myself for it. The 2016 version is way better. In fact, I was glad that the movie was not overly done with CGI and far out video effects. The actors did what they had to, too sell it to the viewer, and I think they did a pretty good job. So two thumbs up.

I watched my Twitter feeds while the first episode was playing out in real time, and the only real criticism was mainly regarding the “suggested” rape scene by the man in black with the black hat (Ed Harris) as he dragged the main character Dolores Abernathy (Evan Rachel Wood) in to the barn. Sure, I can understand how and why there are some who would think this should not be presented on public broadcasts, but I like to think that for the greater majority of humans, we can see into the narrative and deduce fantasy from reality, fact from fiction. I did not see anyone commenting on the lesbian scene where the female technician sneeks a kiss at one the prostitute androids after she had a good look at its breast. So, here in lays the argument that if a theme park of this type and scope were to become real, and allowed to run, I am sure the protesters would be out in full force to shut it down. But then again, this is an exclusive theme park, only for those who have lots of money and time on their hands.

I was a little weirded out about the nudity at first, but then came to the conclusion that we the viewer were to look at the “hosts” as just machines, or pieces of property. They get shot up full of bullet holes, pumped up full of sexual pleasures, and then they are hosed down with water, and fixed up good as new, ready for another day to entertain. I get that. But still, I think the line of nudity was crossed too many times for my liking in that it stepped on the real acting and storytelling—in my humble opinion. I will see how episode two goes, then make further comments on this.

As a Canadian, I laughed out loud when I read that Anthony Hopkins character’s name is Dr. Robert Ford. For those in the rest of the world, Rob Ford was the controversial Mayor of Toronto a couple of years ago. I should also point out that Anthony Hopkins was another draw for me to see this television series. He is a very good actor, one that gets my respect.

The one liner in the show that seems to be relevant and may have significances comes from Dolores, who repeats the phrase, “these violent delights to (or “and”) violent ends,” that her father told her, just before he went all short circuited, and had to be put off-line. Maybe theses words are what sets off the inevitable? Perhaps this is the queue of things to come? Why not, thirty years later since the 1973 rampage, perhaps we are over due.

So, I give this show 9 out of 10, and a good review. If you are into the Sci-Fi, thriller, (and a Western to boot) style of show, then this is it.

October Already!

Well no doubt about it, October is here, as the weather changes to cool, and more grey skies seems likely, the trees seem to be holding off a little longer then I anticipated. Autumn has not yet gripped the landscape with the colours of fall, as the green trees still dominate, but the cool temperatures at night have. It seems that just when we hit the Autumnal Equinox, the thermostat suddenly switched over too along with. But that is OK, since we have had in recent years Octobers in the past where the weather went very warm until November, but no one really can predicted what will really happen, and this year could be a coin toss as to how warm, or cold, it will be.


Right now it is sunny out, but last night it was damp and overcast. Hummm, I wonder if we will get any snow this year?

Good Bye Rosetta, RIP on Comet 97P

The Rosetta Spacecraft ended its mission around comet 97P today by (trying to control land) crashing into it. Back in 2004, Rosetta (and Philae, the lander) was built and lunched by the European Space Agency, with the goal of studying in great detail the weird “duck shaped” comet. Like the little lander Philea, Rosetta landed on the comet’s surface, with the intent of learning more about the comet as Rosetta had more instruments that would capture more data than the lander could. The engineering accomplishments alone puts this mission at the top with so many firsts that this may set new standards for future space mission to come.

The ESA Website: ROSETTA

The Goat that Sounds Like a Dalek

Fall is the time of year when my landlord buys livestock for his farm. Mostly goats, sheep and chickens are his favourite type of animals, and with them, a wide variety and assortment of each species can appear in the pens and fields dotted around my home. Just last week he bought something in the order of ten goats that are being penned in the upper field across from my place. It did not take long for them to learn the feeding schedule, so when they are out and about exploring and feeding on the leaves and bushes, they stop and run back to the shelter as fast as they can when the truck full of hay and feed is unloaded. The mass frenzy of twenty goats running as fast as they can, crying out, as they rush to the feed troughs is equal to a crowd of humans starting a marathon—one big wave with as much force as a bulldozer. One goat in particular, though, makes me laugh.

Before I go any further, you need to be a Doctor Who fan, and understand one of the alien races on the show called the Daleks, to get what it is I am talking about. To learn more about the science fiction television show, and its characters, please visit the Wikipedia Website here: DALEKS

I first heard it last week, but only laughed, as I thought that was a one off sound. Then yesterday, and today, the same goat bellowing out it hunger cry, that sound was unmistakeably like the sound I hear earlier, “BHAAAAAAAAA.” One burst, with no crescendo, but one solid blast of sound with an eerily pitch and timber that no living thing could make on Earth; and in my mind I am thinking it is saying, “EXTERMINATE—EXTERMINATE—EXTERMINAAAAAATE.”

And when I saw which animal it was, it was the biggest of the bunch. A pure while billy goat, with short stubby horns, and a grey patch on its rump. He was always the first goat to the feeding trough during feeding time, and he probably eats the most feed out of the whole horde of animals. With a bellowing hunger cry like that, I think most would get out of his way if he was in a full on run to the food.

Things That Kept Me Up At Night

I was having a rough week. Work was dragging me down, dealing with home issues and of course family and friends with things like deaths, funerals and the aftermath of it all. But on this particular night, it was all about the little things.

At first, the day turned great. Sunny and warm, so I guessed that it would remain warm all night. Boy was I wrong. After I dosed off, I found myself waking again, shivering under my covers because it got so cold I had to get up and turn on the furnace. That was it, it took another fifteen minutes to get myself back to sleep.

Again. Once dosed off, I awoke to the sounds of our neighbourhood owl, hooting and hissing just outside my bedroom window. A quick fix is to turn on my flood lights, and leave them on for about twenty minutes. It rids my owl hooting problem, but then I am up to for that whole time.

Once the owl problem was done with, I somehow fell asleep again. And like before, it was short. Years ago, I was given one of those push buttons from a store outlet called Staples. They were giving away these buttons that you can press, and a voice says, “That was Easy.” Funny at the time, but somehow, I left it on the living room hutch, right underneath the flat screen TV that swings out. The TV sits at just the right height to clear the plastic push button. But when I was trying to sleep, moving around in my bed, the vibrations along the floor was just enough for the TV to move up and down, pressing the button. So during my sleep, rolling in my bed, I could the sounds of the button coming from my living room, “That was easy, that was easy, that was easy…, that was easy…” After ten minutes of that, I got up and threw the button on my couch, and tried to sleep again.

I think I got something like four hours of sleep.

Day of the Equinox, a Day of Condolences and Celebrations

As summer ends, and the fall season begins on this day of the Autumnal Equinox, so to are family and friends, as some who are close to me have passed on in death, their mortal bodies cease and their life essence leaves our sphere of relativity. Such as life, we go on: reborn with new from the old, and like the seasons, the cycles goes on. But today is different; equal day and night, and from death brings life, and so forth. I lost an Aunt, from my Mother’s side, and my best friend lost a sibling, her younger brother. I learned that my niece is pregnant, due in a few weeks, and a friend from my 20s celebrated his fatherhood with a set of twins (at age 38). It is odd that today of all days, it begins with condolences, and ends with celebrations. Maybe this is true, life and death should be celebrated as equals? But in this case, I have to agree, all being equal.


The E Reader Dilemma

We have all forgotten something at one time or another, keys, hairbrush, lights, and the list goes on and on. When we realize, it often ends with one end of the spectrum as, “Oh well,” to the other end as, “Oh Noooooooooo,” and the worlds ends as we know it. My mishap occurred when I left for work, and forgetting my E Reader behind, still plugged in on my kitchen table. It was harsh, and I had to make a choice.

I always go to my work with a novel, or textbook, something that I like to read while I am on break or my lunch (half) hour. Reading for me does a number of things besides offer good entertainment: it kills time while leaving me in my own little world away from the bothers of my daily chores. I fire up my E Reader, put on my headphone, to cancel out the background noise, and read until my alarm goes off. I have been doing this for years. I love it. It is my thing.

Back on Monday, I forgotten my tablet (e reader) at home. I totally thought I had it with me. Usually, as a precaution, I do a small check list before I head out away from home, making sure that I have all of my gear and food for the day. All it takes is a small hick-up in my daily routine to disrupt this, and everything goes to Hell. It was the phone that did it for me that day. I was on it for less than fifteen seconds, but it was the urgency of it that threw me off from my routine and caused me to say, “Oh Noooooooo,” once I discovered my mistake.

My choice was either sit it out for the day, and hope for the best, or run to the nearest store and buy something to tie me over until the next day. I choose to sit it out, reading trashy magazines and daily news papers, drastically lowering my reading standard.  It was harsh; but I survived.

Now, to make sure that this does not happen again, I pack everything up the night before. E Reader, headphones, even my lunch, I pre-pack now (though that stays in the fridge until I pack that too). A lesson learned! I even bought some backup novels too for my locker at my work—just in case.

I’m Still Here, Just Fighting Time, and Those Damn Deadlines

For the record, I have not abandon the weblog. I am just super busy. Work, stuff around the house, and other issues on my private side, time all of a sudden is racing against me. So this post is just a filler post, just to let you all know that I am still here, but not able to sit down and compose my thought at the keyboard. I know the following nest two weeks are going to be lots of overtime and endless work, but I will try and cram a few posts in as I can.