Terrace Time

The joys of living in, once again, a small town. Now, do not get me wrong, it is a good thing, and I do love it. Small towns are, small, when compared to areas like Langley, BC or Vancouver, but the main difference, you got you where want to be in a matter of minutes. For example, I am still on the twenty dollar fill-up I did last Thursday, when I first got into town, and that is half gone—and I have made about six trips so far. Comparing that to Langley, and all the running around I have done, we are looking at a tank of gas, and maybe two trips, with half the stuff done that have now.

Terrace has a different way of doing things in general, compared to the British Columbian Lower Mainland. First Most Government offices are tied into one space. We have a Access Centre here, but they rely mostly on the Internet, and the one time I needed them, it was down. Second, Banking is a little different. In my case, I have to wait probably a whole week before I can transfer my money up from the Lower Mainland. My Bank in Fort Langley told me that would be instant. Boy, were they wrong. Lastly, the traffic moves a lot slower than it does from my Southern home. You figure with lass Police and Law Enforcement, people would talk advantage of that—nope—people follow the speed limit to the letter here.

We have real time, and what people call “Indian Time,” but then there is Terrace Time, a time altogether of it’s own. No one is in a hurry here. Now, that is not to say people rush, or are always in a state of perpetual lateness, I just mean it is different. It is all done in a very low key way. I think it has to do with how close everything is here. Also, if you plan your trips good, you can get a weeks worth of stuff done in just one hour. Also, if I get this job I want, that commute will be only seven minuets for me—Seven minutes! Comparing that to the nearly forty-five minutes going from Glenn Valley, to my job back in my old home.

By the way, I still do not have my own phone or Internet yet. I must thank my girl friend for using hers. Thanks deer.

Made It! I Am In Terrace!

I am here; made it! The trip took over seventeen hours, and nearly four hundred dollars in fuel, but it was worth it. The DriveBC web site was the most accurate as far as times go. Google and MapQuest were way off in calculating time for the trip. I still do not my own Internet, nor phone, but I should hopefully but hook up with the week. I got into town Thursday afternoon, and I was snuggled into my apartment by the evening. Oh, and I forgot that the Sun sets way later here.

The trip it’s self was uneventful. I drove most of it at night, which made a lot better in my opinion as far as traffic goes. I saw only one deer and as few other drivers on the road. It was once going threw Smithers that encounter lots of people, but that was because it was 8:00am by then.

I fueled up four times along the way. Hope, 100mile, Prince George and then in Smithers, British Columbia were the fuel stops. The moving truck I had only gave me a half tank of fuel to start with. Yes, the truck was a hog on fuel. Next time, I will pack lighter.

My transition over to Terrace has not been what I thought. My Banking will be at least a few days, as they do not have near the services that Vancouver has. And my Internet will be the same, though I will fiberoptic. Only my car insurance was flawless–and I got a refund from doing the switch. Insurance is way cheaper up here than the Lower Mainland.

Right now, I am using my girlfriend’s Internet to do my stuff. But until everything straiten out, I will back more often.

I have photos, but right now I am on my laptop, and that takes to long to process them, so soon I will post them here once I get up and running.

So, ya, I made it! I am here. 🙂

One Sleep to Go!

Well it is almost time. Moving time is upon me, and none to soon. So far, the cost of moving is about $2000.00. That include the truck, and it gas, but all the little fees that go along with it. For the most part, I have included most of these items already, but a couple crept up, and I tried to ignore them, but the system has a way of catching you. Needless to say, I have one night, and full day before I hit the road.

One of the fees that hit me my Post Office Forwarding. I forget how expensive Canada Post is. I was going to for go the cost, but remember that at least three places would no doubt send me mail, even after I told them I have a new address. one being my credit card company. They have this problem of waiting, sometimes weeks, before they change things. Granted I only knew my new address a couple of weeks ago, but they still have not changed it on their website.

The moving truck was another cost that keeps going up. But to be fair, they upgraded the truck, for the same cost as a small one, but it will eat more fuel driving it up there. And do not for get the tax. They did not include that when I first set that up on-line. So factor in another twelve percent or so on top. Then the final blow was getting word that I have to drive out to Abbotsford, BC to pick it up. So much for hoping that I could get it where I live. Now I have over kill on the amount of stuff I am taking with me. I have less than 640kgs, and one vehicle, and fifteen foot truck at 37 litres for 160km or 10 US Gallons per 100 Miles. Remember my distance is roughly 1300km, and looking at anywhere to at least three fill-up of gasoline. I am looking at roughly $350 to $400 in fuel on top.

Disconnections fees galore. I have two really big ones. First is my propane. That one is about $400.00 becuase of having to send a guy to disconnect the tank from the house, then empty it, and haul it away. Second, is my cable bill. Even after sending back the phone and television modems, I still get hit hard, at $150.00. There are few others, these two were by far the biggest.

Sleep is my “thing to do” right now. I want to get as much sleep as I can, or at least be well wide awake when I head out tomorrow night. My plan is, load the truck, then sleep for the afternoon and drive as far as I can until I need a pit stop. I am all packed, it is just matter of getting it on the truck.

One more day to go. 🙂


I decided to check how long, and how much fuel I need for the trip up to Terrace, BC from Langley, or Glen Valley were I am living right now. I got a couple of different answers. And on top of that, I am not sure how much fuel I will need for the trip. So for the mean time, I have my previous trips from Terrace to Vancouver, BC, roughly twenty hours. So I just took a couple of hours off of that, somewhere around nineteen to seventeen hours, I figure.

According to Google Maps, I am looking at roughly 1318 km to Terrace BC. Map Quest estimate I might do the trip in seventeen hours, while Google says about fourteen. I think Google has got it wrong. Again, I am leaning towards nineteen hours for the whole trip.

The last time I drove this route, I was looking at roughly $250.00 in gas cost, in a 1979 Ford 150 pick-up truck, back in 1995. Now gasoline was somewhere around fifty cents per litre, and the truck was on it’s last legs as far as it fuel economy goes. The truck went to the bone right after that trip. So, I figure it might cost me $245.00 in today’s dollars for the trip. Perhaps even $300.00, based on towing a trailer with a ten foot U Haul truck. The U Haul website was no help either. To bad fuel was included in the rental cost too?

Now I did a trip to Alberta, near Rocky Mountain House, about seven years ago, and that took me about thirteen hours, and burnt about seventy litres of gasoline, roughly about eighty dollars, in a small pick-up. Again, Google says about one thousand and four kilometres, and about ten and a half hours to drive it. Maybe Google speeds?

Relax – The Calm Before the Storm

Who knew packing with boxes and packing blankets would be some much fun. I am not being sarcastic, but for real. I think I was a tad bit over prepared for this. I am at the eighty precent mark based on my good judgement in terms of packing everything into boxes. I have some large item that are to big for boxes, and can sit by them selves on the moving truck. There are just a few shelves I have not touched yet, but I figure I should have those packed away too by the end of the day. There some things will go last, like my computer and television, and the dishes and cutlery I am using to eat with. Other than that, everything should be pack and ready to go.

Finding relics from the past has been fun too. I threw out a couple of loads of old paperwork last night. But before I let them go to the land fill (recycling heaven) I went through them. There in one box was a five year chapter of my life all in bills, letters and receipts. It was sort of heart wrenching to look at some of those papers. There were two letters that got me the most. First was my war with the HSBC Bank, from when we went to court, only to it have it reset back to negotiations twice. I was very fortunate that the Judge, the second time, ruled in my favour. Second, was the purchase of my trailer, the one I paid for with a huge down payment, with a five grand financing tagged on the end that cost me more nine thousand before it was mine.

Finding old parts from stuff long thrown out, was another fun find. I now have a one gallon pickle jar completely full of nuts, bolts, and screws from draws and cupboards. It amazes me how much stuff has accumulated over the years. Some of this stuff dates back to 1999, and 1995 when I lived in Langley City. I do say, this is a very good way of de-cluttering my life. Just unbelievable.

At the very least, I have to thank “The Monk” for the night out. We went to theatre to see “Guardians of the Galaxy, Volume 2,” (2017), in Langley at the Colossus Cinoplex. If was fun. We shook has after the movie in parking lot, he thanked me for the time we worked together, and we parted ways. I was also low on gas, so he followed until I got safely to the gas station. And that was it; a good night out. It was nice to take my mind off of the move for a couple hours.

Well, must get back it. The boxes do not move themselves.

It is Done: Saying Good Bye

Right at the end of my shift, the hugs and hand-shakes started–parting is bitter-sweet–but that is the way it is. Saying those final farewells and good byes was difficult, especially from those who I became close to over the last three years. Parting my ways was hard to do. But I must look forward and to my future, on the road ahead, not what was has or could have been. So tonight, I walk a free man, with clear mind and a fresh outlook to my life. Looking back was not an option.

Sadly, my old team is impaired (short one man) without me. They will have a huge void to fill, and it will mean shuffling around other from other departments to make that happen. It is not a matter of working harder, but having that extra set of hands. I wish them well.

Now I have tomorrow to take care of. First thing I have to do is some Banking. I must get ready to get the moving truck and have it ready for Wednesday. I have less than five days to get the truck ready for the move. It is lots of time, but it is not, when you factor all the things I have to do in it. I just hope I use it well.

With work behind me, I also have to focus on getting a new job up in Terrace. Yes, I have a couple new leads, but they are just that–leads. Nothing solid. From what people there have told me, I should have no troubles getting work. What bothers me at this time, is getting good quality work. Sadly, there are lots of low paying part-time work–everywhere. But if push comes to shove, then so be it.

I guess the other freaky thought I just had was, “I am now unemployed.” Woagh….

One More Day to Go

Well, this is it. One more day of work here in the Lower Mainland to go before I move away up North. Funny, everyone at my work seems sad to see me go, but they are also just realizing that I have just one more day to go before it is over, and they are saying that I did not warn enough. Even funny-er, I have. I have been counting down since I gave my two week notice to anyone that can hear me. Time marches on, doesn’t it.

I decided that I would not slack off from my job duties. I would keep up the paces unit my last day. So far only one fellow employee has noticed. He said that I should, but I say no. My reason is simple. I want them to know next week after I am gone. I want them to feel it. The new guy, or actually he has been that before, will look like a newbie after I am gone. But I also want to set some standards, hopefully, after I leave. But I highly doubt it.

I have no idea what will happen tomorrow. I am leaving that up to them. I mean, I will go into work, do my job, but I have no idea what kind of a day it will be? I never look at the schedule, or care to. I just want to show up, do my work, then leave. I want to leave happy, knowing I did a good days work.

Yes, I will miss a lot people there. I made some good friends there, and I knew a lot of people in those three years in the store. Not only that, I learned a lot stuff at the job too. I know what bead-board is. But looking back, I never thought I would work in the Hardware Business, but I did it, and I am good at it. Who would have thought three years ago? Yes, I will miss it.

I have been announcing my count down every day I go into work. Last week, I told everyone in the lunch room that I was leaving. I guess they had “selective hearing” on at that time? Maybe they forgot? Oh well. No one can say that I did not tell them that I was leaving there. I gave my two weeks notice, and all heard.

Anyway, time to move on. The North calls. I have a partner there waiting for me–that feels good. Time to leave this place.

Packing It Up

The packing continues. I am about half way there as far as packing goes inside my home. I have the outside to yet, but that will wait. So far, I estimate about twenty boxes, albeit small ones, for the first half of my packing, but I still large items to pack away, and a little crawl space to clean out. I am going to wait until I get closer to the move date before I start on the big stuff, like the wishing machine and garden tools. So far I am on track, and might be a head. A good sign.

I am collecting the boxes from work, getting the good ones, while I work away. The bosses seem OK with that as long as I do not go crazy, like taking fifty boxes at a time in one go. I should point out that we sell packing boxes were I work too, so you see the issue.

It is weird sitting in a room that was once full of my stuff, now packed away. It sounds all wrong. But soon it will not matter. I should have the moving truck by next Wednesday, and then I am gone. Does not matter what it sounds like after that.

I estimate that once I have the truck, I should be packed up and ready to roll out in a couple of hours. I planned everything right down to the times I should spend on cleaning. Then there is the drive. I think it works out to twenty hours in total, that with two or three pit stops for rest. It will be a long trip. Basicly, I am looking at two days to get everything from Fort Langley to Terrace.

The Pineapple-Ham Pizza: By A Canadian No Doubt!

First of all, someone actually invented the pineapple-ham pizza, aka Hawaiian pizza? And second of all, it was a guy in Canada? OK., I am not going to lie to you, the pineapple pizza is my favourite pizza topping of all time. Yes, I like it above all else as far as pizzas go. At my work, I all ways ask for “The Hawaiian” pizza when we are offered the choice, and I all ways hunt around the table for the pineapple and ham pizza. Some say I am sick, while others agree whole heartedly. But to think, a guy in Canada, invented it. Wow. Sadly, he passed away at age 83, a couple of days ago.

So the story goes, a guy be the Sam Panopoulos wanted more choices for his customers, so in 1962 he threw some pineapples and ham on a pizza bun, and the rest is history. And yes, I have had a Panopouls Pizza when I was living in Toronto back in the mid 80’s. Oh I remember.

It is freaky, that while I was ordering pizza today, becuase I am in the middle of a move and I have little food out, that I would order a… you guessed it, a Hawaiian Pizza! I ate it before I read this article, so no photos of it.

LINK: CBC News June 9th, 2017 “Sam Panopoulos, Canadian inventor of Hawaiian pizza, dies at 83

One More Week

Oh the moving date is getting closer–I can taste it. With one week of regular life (as we know it) to go, it will be chaos next weekend when the move starts. With so much going on, it has been very busy, the fun seem to be ramping up. Stress has been an on going factor, I am surprised at much of it has not gone wrong, knowing it could have gone worse. Sure, things like bills and getting stuff disconnected are laborious and time consuming, but for the most part, it has all gone well.

But then there is the Propane people, who I still have their tank. That has been my thorn in my side. They left messages when I am at work, but they will not answer questions over the phone when they leave a message. So I have to talk to them. Setting up a time to talk as been a problem. Today (Saturday) they are very busy. I was on the phone for nearly a half hour when I hung up. During the week I work afternoons–so naturally, I coming home at 10:00pm, and calling them before I go to work is just as troubling–becuase the wait times huge.  Soon I will connect with them, or just pay the full amount–which they would love.

Packing-boxes and tape, seem to pop out of nowhere. I can get the boxes from work, and tape–I have lots of. Putting stuff into the boxes, well that it the trouble/problem. What is “good to go” and what “is not” when you have one more week to go? LOL I am going the six week rule: If I never use it, say in the last six weeks, then it is “good to go.” Already I needed some tie-downs; I had to unpack those.

I loose my Internet/phone/cable on the 22 of June. So It will be a while, say a couple of weeks, when life returns to normal. I can feel the Internet withdrawal already. LOL

It is weird–I look around say, “Wow, all this will no longer be mine, but someone else’s, in a little over a week.” Funny when you think about that.