From Another Era, the Forgotten Tapes.

This week has been spent working huge amounts of overtime at my work, so I am damn tired. This post has been a slow culmination of thoughts before I actually posted it–why its time-stamp is so out of sync here on my weblog. The point of this post is the discovery of some lost tapes that were from my younger days when I was a budding musician playing in a four member band in Southern Ontario way back in the late ’80s. These were items that I thought were lost forever back when my storage unit that I was renting was pillaged and plundered by ruthless thieves fifteen years ago in Langley City. Although most items were long gone, I thought that the studio tapes were gone along with them. But tucked away with some old music gear that I kept with me at the time, the tapes were hidden away in a safe compartment. (This song, “Those Were the Days,” 1968, by Mary Hopkin, reflects the way I felt when I saw the tapes yesterday)

Sadly, I no longer have access to a eight-track analogue real to real player, so it will be some time before I can hear those sounds of yesterday. But some of the comments written on the reels were quite inspiring when reading them after all these years. I had forgotten about one song that we wrote called, “To Far Gone for November (1988).” It had become apparent that the worse time of the year was November, and so the song goes, if anything bad happens, it usually starts, or ends, in November. I still laugh at that today.

Perhaps the more hunting qualities of finding these old tapes are how many fond memories I have way back then. I can say without a doubt that my Twenties, were the best days of my life–by any stretch. My youth sucked, along with high school and even my first job, but when I met these guys, Rob, Sean and Steve, and we plaid music together, well, life got a whole lot richer back then. Life has never been the same since! LOL The break up of the band was not as harsh as it seem it might be, only becuase we were ready. We grew up, and knew that it was time to go our separate ways, but when you spend that much time together in the jam-room, you become family. Maybe that was why those days were the best?

Sure, I sometimes think how nice it would be to go back to the world music, start another band, but then I love what I am doing now, why throw that away for some old memories of the good times. There is still time for more adventure, and many more good times to come, “never stop rocking,” I say!

So, until I find a reel to reel player for these tapes, I only have my memories to ponder the sounds of those days with. Here are to the boys, and Five Shot Sixer.

The Possibility of Buying a Home!

Today is a bit of a mile stone: I reached my goal of a set amount in my savings. This means that I can, for the first time in my life, even consider the possibility of joining the exclusive club of free hold land owners. I am not talking about condominiums, strata or lease properties, which seem to be flooding the markets (and no one wants) but rather, owning the dirt under your feet land, with a house that has a foundation and driveway. The catch, it is not in the Lower Mainland, but still in British Columbia. I have no glorious job that yields a six figure pay cheque, or am I a member of high ranking criminal organization, but rather a low wage hourly worker, who somehow manages to scrape out an existence, honestly, with both hands. For this, where I work and currently rent, I cannot afford the land.

“The land owner is the highest status a commoner can hold in Canada,” an old friend once told me long ago. And he is right, in general terms. 

When I went into the Bank today, and asked for my balance, a pleasant smile came from the wonderful woman behind the desk as she scribe out the dollar amount onto the back of my receipt. She handed it to me, and I smiled back, saying, “Thank you!” It was a wonderful feeling seeing that number. I worked hard for it.

For now, I will keep going with it, keeping the money in the Bank while I continue to work, keeping my plans on track. More is better in the world of greed and gouging, so I will continue to keep adding my earned money to the account, knowing that at any time as soon as I see an opportunity, I can jump on it.

Healing and Keeping Dry

Good news, the shoulder is getting better by leaps and bounds, or to put it another way, the hurt is going away. I can put my left arm over my head with its own power, and the pain is minor. Also, I can almost write with it too! That was a bummer when I was doing paperwork at my work. So, all looks well. I seen the doctor back on Monday for my check-up, and he said I can stop taking the anti-inflammatory pills. Those pills do cause lots of heart-burn let me tell you. But no matter what, I was happy that it kept my arm from hurting more, so the heart-burn was a minor sacrifice.

As for the weather, I think I am having enough of it. It seems to me that it has rained, non stop, for the last week now. And it is warm, unusually warm out. Could we be breaking another record?

I still have the leak in my bedroom, where the skylight is. For now, I have a bucket, and it does not look like I will any time soon to fix it. I need at least three good days of no rain and warm temperatures for the sealer tap stuff I have to work. I did have a sheet of plastic up on the roof, but the wind keeps blowing it off part ways, and somehow, the water finds it way to the crack. Might have to wait until spring to fix this one properly.

In all, it has been a  good week. I am still working, and so far nothing has gone wrong since my injury. …fingers crossed!

Remembrance Day

I stayed home for the day, due to my injury. But I did watch the ceremony on the CBC News Channel of the national Remembrance Day from Ottawa. Although grateful that today was a holiday, and a day away from work, I did not do much becuase of my arm. In fact, I am typing this post way after November the Eleventh becuase at the time I could not type, even if I wanted to. Healing was more on my mind at the time.


It is about 2:00am, and I am ready to end the day (I work afternoons by the way). I just thought I would type a few words about today, and what is going on South of the border from my perspective. I try hard not to get too involved in other countries’ political affairs, but today is different as I see the voting U.S. results have yet again shocked me. Yup, it looks like Trump is in; will the world as we know it—end?

So, Trump. Well… what will this mean? My first thought is, will the world economies collapse and take us all with it. But then this probably will not happen right-a-way. Like our Rob Ford here in Canada, Trump maybe all talk and no action on matters that will affect us around the world, and with his record of “foot-in-mouth” and flip-flopping, I can see many issues going off in weird directions, which would probably amount to the same old State that has always been. Though I kind of ponder at the idea of the U.S. building a wall around itself. I think if the “Iron Curtain” from the Russian-Soviet era when I heard Trump talk about the “Wall” between it and Mexico. Walls are the opposite of two-way streets, as they not only stop what comes in, but block what goes out too. And what will the U.S. do without all that cheep labour? I can see everything getting more expensive, especially with charging high taxes on imported goods from China.

I noticed the shock in the Stock Markets as the Eastern markets start to open. The CBC news is saying that markets are jolted with the U.S. elections results, and the reaction is very negative. We will have to see how far this goes. Hey, maybe gasoline prices will come back down! Sweet!

I just watched Trump’s victory speech. I am some what surprised. He actually sounds “presidential,” as opposed to a man flailing insults, shooting from the hip with his words. Words from his Teleprompter I bet.

Arm and Leak Issues

To sum up these last few days into one word, it would be the word “pain,” as the most common thought that runs through my mind twenty-four hours a day. After my second trip to the Doctor for the check-up, and a week on these lovely pills that keep the inflammation down, pain is with me day and night. I fear this could last longer than I expected based on experiences from friends who have had similar injuries.


However, I am optimistic, and I have noticed a drop in how much this injury is hurting over the last week. In fact, my mobility has increased greatly. I can lift my arm straight up now; something I did not dare to do just seven days ago. So progress is slow, but surely.

I am still on light-duties at my work. Even with one good arm, I am still showing up for work. My co-workers seem to appreciate this effort, although I sometimes think I am nuts, but it is better than sitting at home focusing on the pain. This is Doctor approved, by-the-way. And I will not lose any money from my pay cheque—yay.

From the last couple of down-pours of rain, my skylight in my bedroom started to leak—again. I had this problem two years ago, and fixed it with this really tough tape that seemed to work wonders. This time the leak was not from old age and weather cracked, but from the ten kilograms of soaking wet leaves that collected on my roof from the last set of storms. Last night’s rain, which was unbelievable, was the final straw that finally broke it from all the weight. The leak has spewed about two litres of water on just the first night that it started. This is a major problem, and one that I need two good arms and a nice sunny day to deal with.

So happy the weekend is here!

Shouldering the Hurt

Yes, this will be another post about how sore my shoulder is, with the whining and moaning too. I should point out that I have seen a doctor, down at the walk-in clinic, and I have been given anti-inflammatory medication for it, plus x-rays, and an invitation to do some physiotherapy. For the most part, I can feel it getting better, but at this point in time, the hurt is going to be with me for a long while yet. I am working, so I am not totally gimped to the point of being bedridden.

So, it is a sprain. I feel like I want to cut it off because it hurts so bad. I cannot raise my arm up—even if I wanted to. I keep my arm down because even wearing a sling is painful. Tying my shoes, putting on my shirt and jacket, and writing are all next to impossible for me to do. I am left handed; I write and use that arm for most things in my daily routines. What use to be routine has now turned into a long, pre planned, calculated process, as each task is fraught with obstacles.

Sleeping is probably the most irritating issue I have right now. I cannot sleep—period. My arm is just too sore to sleep. It does not matter what position I have it in, the pain keeps me up. Perhaps the longest period of time I can sleep before I am awaken with pain, is maybe an hour at best. I am hoping that the anti-inflammatory pills start their magic—soon.

The cool rainy weather is also making matters worse too. I find when my arm is cold, the pain is elevated. I wear a sweater for that. The problem is, then the rest of me is sweating if I keep the sweater on too long. A heat pad is good, but that only works if I am sitting down, or laying in bed—does not help when I am walking about. But the pain does drop noticeably when I keep my arm warm.

In all, this has been a very bad week for me. Even typing this out is a chore-in-a-half. But I am getting better.

Happy Scary Halloween!

Yes, it has finally come to be–Halloween 2016 is here at last! Sadly on a Monday, but oh well, what is a day anyway–right. Work, fireworks and trick and treaters should all be interesting this year.


Who at my work will dress-up as what? Will there be lots fireworks this year, unlike last. And will little monsters and clowns be soliciting my neighbourhood, begging for candy? Oh what is in store tonight–the best night of the year–hummm?

Be safe this year. Wear costumes that can be seen at night while drivers deliver the little candy beggars door to door. Watch what you eat–candy goes right to your thighs and hips you know. Clowns, it is a sad time for them–be nice to them, you never know if you will be IT!

Happy Halloween!

Sore Shoulder–the One Handed Typer

Yeah, it hurts. I banged up my shoulder pretty good last week. I thought it was getting better, but I agitated it more last night, driving of all things, when I went to turn with my left arm–twisting it on the steering wheel. I guess I really sprained it, making it worse. Been taking it easy this weekend, laying back, but it seems like my arm is going to be gimped for a while before it is back to normal again.

My weekend plans are gone. I stayed home. I am more or less keeping myself from straining my arm any further.

Typing this post out is a bit of a challenge. Not only am I doing this with only one finger, but only with one hand as well. It reminds of my piano lessons as a kid trying to learn the fingering of each hand, then putting together the chords. Oh, it is hell.

So hoping that one more day of heeling will at least be enough to get me through work next week. Only if I could retire tight about now…

Anyway, I think Halloween will be spent at home; to sore and too little energy to enjoy it I think.

A Leafy Affair

I just cleaned the deck yesterday! Not one leaf was left on it when I finished and called it a day. This morning I woke to this (see photo), as I see it, the trees thought, “oh, look, a clean spot on the ground to deposit more of my leaves…” My compost pile is overflowing with the last thirty wheelbarrow loads I gave it yesterday, so I do not know where to put this. I guess I must get creative if I want it cleaned up; probably looking at dumping the rest in behind the bushes deep in the forest. 


Hummm, maybe time to buy a leaf blower…