Just Cold These Days

Looks like we are in winter mode now. Since last Tuesday, the nights have been cold enough to dip below the freezing mark, yet the days full of sunshine, while just hovering above freezing. Worrying about my water lines freezing, and dealing with a broken heater fan in my SUV, my tails of winter seem far from over. Also, there was a death in the family last weekend, which is why I took a little bit of time off from posting. With work and grieving, plus dealing with the cold season, I have paid less time on the computer than normal. Soon, I should back to normal.

Winter Tree - Blender Nov 22 2015 Weblog Image

This cold weather I thought unusual becuase we were promised a warm winter. I was hoping that the huge Pacific Blob of warm water would mix up the weather patterns enough to give us some extra warm weather to march into December with, but instead, it worked the other-way-around. This blast of cold Arctic air will stay with us, and will slowly get worse until two weeks from now. I hate my friend who is in Mexico for the next three months–lucky bastard.

At my work, this is the slow period. As periods go, no one likes change, yet big changes are on there way. At least at the onset, my labour will be needed, and I should keep my post, albeit my duties may change. I say very little about it to my co-workers, and I play dumb. Yes, I did my research and made my inquiries, and found it better to keep quiet than ask where my tiny soul will fit in the great wheel of my employer’s master plan. I guess deep down, I do not care–put me wherever you want–it does not matter.

But on the bright side, things are looking up for the new year. I see a good start; my plans are moving forward. Wait and see becuase I am not telling just yet. Do not want to jinx those plans by forecasting my decisions all over the net–there could be consequences that may effect them if I release details to early. (wink-wink)

Now back to the cold.

Waiting Out the Dump of November Rain

I am soaked. Yes, totally wet from head to toe as the rain keeps pounding away, bouncing off of the ground a good 3 centimetres, as the none stop weather conveyor belt of rain clouds endlessly rips over head from the West. It is 3:30am Saturday, and I am normally up this time of day anyway, but I know I couldn’t sleep if I wanted to becuase of the noise coming from my roof. We are in the middle of Pacific storm, not even the type we call the “Pineapple Express,” but an almost West to East weather system, just the same. It is a freakish 14C outside, unusually warm for this time of year, and especially so, after just having our first frost just a couple of days ago–it just does not add up. But then again, blame it on Climate Change, one can accept that this is the new normal no matter how many climate change deniers live around me.

Super Twisted Knot Weblog Image

What got my undies in a knot were the new leaks that I discovered in my ceiling when I got home from work. At first I though that they were actual leaks, as in a hole in my roof, but then closer inspection revealed that the cause was from the super high humidity in the air, with the sudden increase in warmth both outside and inside, my sky-lights and roof vents were collecting water. One leak is right above my bed in my bedroom! Yes, how uncomfortable is that!

Meanwhile, the rain rages on.

Another issue I have right now is the water that is coming in from along my window vents. Along each windowpane, there are these little slits along the bottom edge that are suppose to let the moisture fall outside instead of collecting along the windowsill. With the wind, and sideways rain is pushing water in through these little vents, water is making its way inside, dripping out onto the floor inside. I have towels laying along each windowsill on the South facing side of my home, trying to collect as much water before it falls onto the floor.

It is a Rain Day, so I am not doing anything outside. Besides, my shoes are soaked, and the same with my jackets. I would not be surprised if I have oncoming symptoms of a cold, or flu, with all this cold dampness. Well, at least, I have a three day weekend to look forward to–better make the best of it–RIGHT!

Well Spank the Bean Baby, It’s Friday the Thirteenth!

No wonder everything is going to Hell in a hand-basket, it is Friday the Thirteenth today. O.K., I am not superstitious; not even close. But it is funny, being that just a few minutes ago I just realized that it was the thirteenth today, and that this is the start of my long weekend from my work. But still, it is funny to mention it, as already some of my friends of whom I have told this to just now, have expressed their superstitious beliefs very loudly to me.

I have been at home now for a few hours from work. Officially my weekend has started, so this means that I do not go into work tonight–my Friday. I get my Stat. holiday from this past Remembrance’s Day, back on the eleventh, so it is a paid full week for me. So right now I thought I would catch up on my weblog, and then answer a few emails, then call it a day/night–whatever. I have no real big plans for this weekend. Sleep will be the way I will start into it. Tomorrow, I may do some shopping, and pay off some Bills that are getting into the past/due category, then maybe get some take-out for dinner. You know, pamper myself for a bit. I see some house cleaning is needed too, as my place is getting a bit dingy since I have been back from my trip up North.

Oh, heck–I will probably just relax, lay around the house the whole three days, and forget about everything, and eat nothing but pizza three times a day.

Missing Remembrance Day

I wanted to attend the Remembrance Day ceremony in Fort Langley today, but I was too tired after working all night. At my work, my employer had scheduled me to get the following Friday off as my Stat. holiday instead, as opposed to getting today off. The sad fact of retail is that the operation stayed open during the holiday, and only a couple crew members (associates) were giving one day out of the week off as part of their Stat. requirements. My day off is scheduled for this coming Friday.

In all I am not that terribly upset that my schedule went awry. Working the night-shift does make me more reclusive, so missing the day’s events did not even raise any emotions, probably knowing the fact that I will get a three day weekend coming up made me more passive about the whole issue anyway. So, instead, I watched some TV, more or less, the CBC News channel on cable, to see the National Ceremony in Ottawa, and heard a couple of speeches before I dozed off to sleep. Life will leap to active on Friday when 72 hours of glorious “me” time starts ticking away.

An Old Favourite Hangout Spot: LAKELSE LAKE – Gruchy Beach

On my third day up in Northern British Columbia, visiting my home town of Terrace, BC we drove to Lakekse Lake, after our trip to Kitimat, BC to catch the late afternoon sunshine on the lake. It has been a good twenty-something years since I set foot on Gruchy Beach, heck–I think I was still in high school when I was last there. Today, there is a nice trail, well maintained, to get to the exclusive beach. (This is where I sound old) Back in the day, we had to hike through the swamp and forest to get to the good section of beach on that part of the lake. Now imagine, it is pitch black out, and all you have is a “bic lighter” to guide your way. Too-much! LOL

LAKELSE LAKE - Gruchy Beach Oct 27 2015 Weblog Image 06

Oh yes, many great memories here. One of the reasons why this place was so popular with the teenagers was that it was so hard to get to, and you had lot of warning when someone else was coming–who was uninvited.

LAKELSE LAKE - Gruchy Beach Oct 27 2015 Weblog Image 05

Though swimming was out of the question (late October) the water is unbelievably nice and clean here. And now that it is maintained as a Park, the area is very clean, with the exception of the few little sections where careless hikers leave garbage, but over all, this would be paradise in the summer time. The view is totally awesome!

LAKELSE LAKE - Gruchy Beach Oct 27 2015 Weblog Image 07

LAKELSE LAKE - Gruchy Beach Oct 27 2015 Weblog Image 08

LAKELSE LAKE - Gruchy Beach Oct 27 2015 Weblog Image 09

The above three images were taken from just standing in one spot on the beach, using a 300mm telephoto to shoot from. Not much flat land here.

Gruchy Beach is part of the delta of Williams Creek that flow into the northern end of Lakelse Lake, see this web link from the BC Provincial Parks website.

LAKELSE LAKE - Gruchy Beach Oct 27 2015 Weblog Image 01

A neat looking tree growing along Williams Creek, along the trail that leads to Gruchy Beach.The trail is in pretty good condition, even considering that there was huge rain storm just a few weeks before, and some sections were washed out. Over all the trail was good enough that you only need running shoes, and I never got a soker–not once. :)

One day I shall return to enjoy a summer’s day of hiking, swimming and sun-bathing along the beach here.

Kitimat – My Trip In North Western British Columbia

So, where is all the action in British Columbia (B.C.) you ask? Well, a good portion of the industrial might in this province is no doubt here in the little community of Kitimat. With both the aluminium smelter, and the LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) project, then the added the possibility that a major oil pipeline will end up here, this little town is happening if you are looking for work. When you first land in Kitimat, the first thing you will realize is the smell of the ocean, as the town is a port, located at the end of the Douglas Channel just off the Pacific Ocean in BC’s North West.

Kitimat Oct 27 2015 Weblog Image 01

The second thing you will notice is that Kitimat is a very small town, yet with a huge industrial hub, where are all the workers? You need only drive down the highway to the industrial park to see what is going on. Just on the outskirts of the industrial area, there off to the left, sits hundreds of portable trailers that house all the temporary workers. Once the LNG plant and upgrades to the smelter are complete, then the workers go home, and the portable housing can be taken away. It is quite the sight; this is quite a large temporary community.

Kitimat Oct 27 2015 Weblog Image 02

Perhaps I was taken back more so becuase when I was here last, over two decades ago, the contrast between today and back then really surprised me. The smelter is huge now, as over time it grew both in size and scale since my last visit. I never went inside the building complex on this trip, but seeing it from across the harbour was impressive.

Kitimat Oct 27 2015 Weblog Image 03

The day we went on our visit to Kitimat, the weather really cooperated with clear sky and warm temperatures, but the North wind yelled out, “you are up North now, get ready.” The water, air and land have improved a lot since my time here as a youngster here as the environment has improved. In the harbour, the water is clear–the last time I was here, it was not like this, where you could not see more than a few centimetres down from the silt and garbage in it. This was a welcomed sight, but I would still not swim there.

The down town areas are almost just as I remembered it. The little mall, the clusters of apartment buildings are  very much the same as they were from my memory, with a few added buildings the changes are subtle, I could still easily find my around again. One big change was the hospital, as it is no longer up on the hill, but down past the Mall in the flats.


Where Was I? Oh Yes, My Second Day in Terrace, B.C.

This weekend was so crazy with Halloween, and the super rainy weather that I almost forgotten about post this. November already too–where does the time go? So, my second day in Terrace, BC was awesome. I had a good night’s sleep, and the weather was beyond awesome, with the exception of the temperature: it fell below freezing over night. When we woke, and decided to go out for breakfast, the frost was there to greet us when we left.

First Frost - Terrace BC Oct 27 2015 Weblog Image 10

My friend joyfully scraped off the her car’s wind shield, while I took photos of the frosty plants and leaves on the ground in her front yard. In a few hours the frost was gone as the Sun quickly warmed everything up. However, being in the North, the only other thing that sort of sucked about the weather was the stiff wind blowing in from the North. Once we got into town (Terrace, BC), the wind cut right through to your bones. But with the sunshine, it was more than bearable. there was not a cloud in the sky–a perfect day for site seeing.

First Frost - Terrace BC Oct 27 2015 Weblog Image 02

We drove around the area, Thornhill, Copper River Subdivision, and some of the other smaller subdivisions that dot the outline areas of Terrace; it was amazing to see how much has changed since when I lived their. During my trip, I seen two new hotels being built, on in Terrace, and the other in Thornhill. The landscape of Terrace is changing, nut more on that later in my next post.

Have a Scary Halloween! Bwhahhaaahhhahahaa

It is here! Finally! Halloween is here! Oh yes, hoping that everyone is going to have fun tonight, also taking in mind to be safe, and responsible–I know, I just killed the moment right there–but seriously, get out and enjoy it! So the big day has arrived, as the festivities are set to roll out.

Halloween Face Oct 31 2015 Thomasso Weblog Image

I am probably going to watch the fireworks over at the Airport, if the rain is not too bad. The weather report says that we are in for heavy rain tonight, as we have a “Pineapple Express” storm over top as I type, hitting the West Coast of British Columbia. If it rains, then I stay home.

The Pumpkin Patch - Halloween Oct 31 2015 Weblog Image

So, get your pumpkin carved into the scariest face you can make and have it outside illuminated as the Jack O’ Lantern of Halloween!

Do not to forget to switch your clocks back one hour too for Day Light Savings Time. As much as I hate it, I have no choice, but oh well…


My Adventure Up in Terrace, BC

I visited my friend up in Terrace, BC, a four day trip, staying at her place. We drove around in town, and then down to Kitimat, and Rosswood, and then out towards the housing subdivisions around Terrace, even my old house that I grew up in. We did a whole bunch of things, having a great time, it was wonderful. But it was also business too; there is tones of work their, I mean really good quality work, and along with that finding a place to live is some what of a challenge becuase the economy is so good their, so I focused on seeing what I could do up their if I make the migration. I shot photos at every leg of my journey, almost 18GB of images and videos, so I quiet a bit of sorting to do over the next week or so.Kalum Lake - Terrace BC Oct 28 2015 Weblog Image

I want to stress how awesome the air is up their. When I stepped off of the plane on to the runway, I was hit with this wave of pure country air that almost sent my lunges into shock. I do not think I was ready for air so clean. The next shock was the stiff northern breeze, since it was an awesome clear day, under a nice high pressure weather system, the wind usually comes from the North, but the sunshine makes up for the cold wind.

The above image is at Kalum Lake, just 25 km North of Terrace. The water, the mountains, the air, just incredible. I was their on October 26, 2015, just after I arrived from the airport.

The second big shock is how nice the water tastes where I stayed. Unlike the water that comes from tap where I live, the water in Thornhill, the little community just East of Terrace where I stayed, is untreated pure spring water–just as pure as it can be.

Mountins at Kalum Lake - October 26 2015 Weblog Image

A close-up shot of one of the mountains on the other side of Kalum lake. I used my 300mm telephoto lens to shot this along with my Sony A77 camera. There was very little haze in the sky that day.

Rosswood Genral Store - October 26 2015 Weblog Image

Our destination was down-town metropolitan Rosswood, population, probably less than 500, or maybe 200, not many live their. They just got electricity a few years ago, and the road was paved about 15 or 20 years ago, so the little community grew from a few doted farms and cabins, to a healthy size community that it is today. Rosswood is an alternative to living in Terrace if you feel the rent and housing is too expensive for you there. You would be roughing it (in Rosswood) here though, like the pioneers did: no cable TV, high-speed Internet, and only only one General Store. Terrace would be where you go shopping for all your need, about a half hour drive if you stepped on it. :)

October Leaves in Thorinhill - Oct 26 2015 Weblog image

When we got back to her home in Thornhill, the setting Sun was casting its light over the valley, and the sky was a deep blue. I took this shot over at the maple tree looking up towards the West by her house. The weather was awesome–I was lucky to have it for most of my trip up North.

More to come on my trip! :)


Back Now: It Was a Good Time

Back from the great white North. Well, it was just as warm as it was in Vancouver, but on Monday morning Terrace, BC had its first frost, but that was followed with two days of pure sunshine, so it did not really matter. But I just got back from my trip, and now I am completely exhausted.

Over the Clouds Oct 28 2015 Weblog Image

Again, taking the same flight as I did back in June, I snapped some more photos from inside the plane. I had better seats this time, so I could get an image without the wing, or wheels, in them. Funny thing, although the weather was overcast for both Terrace, and Vancouver, above it was all sunny. :)

So tones of photos, about 700 of them to sort out, and a few videos, I will not post some for while.  I got some really nice ones, and will slowly start posting them over the next week or so. But for now, it is sleep time, while I try and catch up on four days of go, go, go…