Terrace BC Vacation Part 3: Street Photography, Day and Night

What would a trip through a town with at least a few dozen shots of its streets and scenes be from a budding photographer? Not much if I could not show you. So, here are but just a few that I took on my first full day in Terrace, British Columbia. Walking with my girl friend, snapping photos with her is a dream, as she chose the locations and followed. Well over half of the day’s streets shot were of her, but here I will only show the shots of just Terrace’s street scene. The first groups were around we were at the Farmer’s Market, and the night shots were from various locations throughout the town. We had a full moon as well, so it added good light for the long exposure shots.

TERRACE BC - May 21 2016 Weblog Image 01

TERRACE BC - May 21 2016 Weblog Image 02

Terrace BC, is truly a one horse town becuase we only saw one horse pulling a small wagon full of paying customers around it. It looks like fun, but we never got a ride becuase we were so tight with time.

TERRACE BC - May 21 2016 Weblog Image 04

One of the newer buildings I seen.

TERRACE BC - May 21 2016 Weblog Image 05

An old church, that we old even from when I lived in Terrace. I heard it is going to be kept, but sold as something else other than a church. I was also told the front cement barricade was put there to keep people from driving into it. That is weird.

TERRACE BC - May 21 2016 Weblog Image 06

This shot, above, was taken from up on the “Bench” over looking part of the down town area of Eastern half of Terrace. This was a about a one second exposure taken just before sunset. You can the light trails from a moving vehicle on the right of the image.

Now we get into the night shots!

TERRACE BC - May 21 2016 Weblog Image 07

The above shot is the Skeena Mall, looking North East at the full moon in the centre of the image. This is about a five second exposure, and you can see light trails of a car driving by. TERRACE BC - May 21 2016 Weblog Image 08

The main street in Terrace, BC: (Name Later), looking East bound, with the Mall to my right. TERRACE BC - May 21 2016 Weblog Image 09

Above, on (main street) looking West bound, standing on the North side. More information later.

TERRACE BC - May 21 2016 Weblog Image 10

Above, the Terrace Hotel (Best Western), looking South East. I love the blue lights on the building. TERRACE BC - May 21 2016 Weblog Image 11

This last shot (above) is taken from the Sandy Overpass, looking North at the Skeena Mall. We were standing on South side of the road. This shot took a ten second exposure, and you can see light trails from passing trucks. I really like this shot!

Terrace BC Vacation Part 2: The Farmer’s Market

The Farmer’s Market in Terrace BC, was a real treat to go and enjoy the local offerings. There were approximately thirty booths set up along the park, and there is live music as well with food stands. A perfect way to spend an afternoon with your family or friends, to shop the wears of the home-grown local market. There are bee keepers with their honey and bee equipment, to arts and crafts, jewellery and local fruits and veggies fresh from the farms, and more. Of course, it is too early in the season for the bounty of the farms to show all the yummy foods, but for now, in mid spring, the offerings were numerous enough for items like canned and jarred tasty treats like Dandy-lion Jam and other jellies.

TERRACE BC - May 21 2016 Weblog Image 03

The weather: absolutely fabulous! On a scale of one to ten, an easy eight-point-five. Not a cloud in the sky, with the temperatures hovering around twenty-five degrees Celsius. And with such great weather, came the crowds, as the street was pack full of people.

The music is awesome too. I only seen two local groups, but we did not stick around too long to sit and listen. I did snap a lot photos of the event, but I have a lot work ahead of me in just sorting them out. I may post some of the bands later.

As far as I can tell, from the information I have, this Farmer’s Market is a every weekend event until the late fall. If I make back to Terrace again before then, I will check it out again.

Terrace BC Vacation Part 1: The Welcome Committee

It is always fun to return to a place where there is someone waiting, who loves you no matter what. There is unconditional love, and then there is Oreo the cat’s love.

Oreo lives where I am staying. She is the beloved friendliest cat, among two, who really likes anyone who will let them have their feet rubbed by her whiskers. Yin-yang, the other cat, is much more timid; and a greeting from her would mean the highest welcome there is by any guest staying there. I have not earned Yin-yang’s trust yet, but soon, I can feel it. For now, Oreo ran over to me and rubbed her nose up against my foot once I sat down, and then turned on her purring motor, then jumped on the couch to be scratched after that. It was nice to be back again!

OREO the Cat - May 21 2016 Weblog Image

Just a side note: Oreo really does not like her photo being taken. I sense the camera is too much for her.

Made It – Terrace or Bust

I got in last night around 8:00pm, the flight was good. It took a little longer than usual, due to head winds, but it was a good flight; the clear skies made the trip that much more awesome. When I got off the plane, the warm mountain air rushed in, and it was like I could breath again as my lungs were filled with the most purest sweetest air you could have. Yes, the weather here is phenomenal! When I left Vancouver, it was cold compared to what the weather is like up here right now–just a huge contrast. My greeting committee was awesome too!

When one does on vacation, the primary goal is to have a carefree, no stress, time–right? When a beautiful woman greets you at the airport, and then drives you to where you are going, how much more pampering could you want? Yes–pampered and stress free! With such a late flight we stayed up for a while, then slept, getting ready for the rest of my stay. The first night, we sat for while talking, catching up on news, but we were both tired, it was best to recharge the batteries as we move into day number two.

With the first leg of my trip behind me now, and the start of a new just day starting, I cannot write just how excited I am right now; so wait for the next posts when I get home.

On the agenda: First we have a breakfast out in town, then off to an art show that will take most of the morning up. Then after, it will be a surprise after that.

Oh, and one other note: 5:00am it is light already, and by 6:00am, the Sun is making an appearance. Yes, summer time in North. The days are longer here.



Exhausted Before I Leave

Today is the big day when I officially start my Vacation. In  couple of hours I will somewhere between Vancouver and the Northern half of British Columbia, flying at something like twenty-four thousand feet above sea level, before I touchdown at my destination, some time tonight. Going to Vancouver International Airport, standing in line at the security check out, will take long than the flight itself–so that will be a major part of my day. All packed, and hoping that my suitcase will be small enough to pass for the  Sky-Check service as oppose to letting it go through the annals of the Airport luggage system. I have seen how they treat luggage there from videos on YouTube and news reports. Anyway, I am confident that everything will go smooth-after all this is a domestic flight-right?

This trip will be part business, pleasure 🙂 and family. Soon I will have the girl of my dreams in my arms, and breathing fresh mountain air, while site seeing and taking in the pleasures of the local culture.

I worked last night, unexpectedly, and just when I thought I had my sleep pattern in a normal straight line, it all went into chaos becuase of it. My plans of having lots of sleep before I left have crashed. I will probably sleep on the plane. Also, when I get home, I found out my start times have changed too since I booked this flight. Now, instead of having eight-teen hours of rest before I go into work when I come back, I will have less than six. Yes, six hours before I walk back into the job that will have a week’s work of tasks for me to catch up on, and at the tail end of the busiest business cycle season. Oh joy.

I am not going to think about that right now. Instead, it is all about leaving, and meeting the people I care about. I will have Internet when I am up there, so I may post a few blogposts while I am gallivanting about up there, deep in the North Coast Mountains.

Changing Over My Online World – First My Email Address

Very soon I will dump my ISP, in favour of one whose far cheaper, and has better services. So, starting aver the last couple of days, I have been changing all of my accounts, web accounts and online services user profiles, swapping out my current email address to my new one which is part of my domain name. So far in the last two days I have swapped out nearly thirty accounts that I have active. Each account, like my Goog.. account for YouTube and other stuff, took twenty minutes for each account before I was happy that everything worked with my new email.  Yes, it is a time vampire that really sucks. So each night I go down a list that I have, and slowly I am reaching the end. Friends will be the hardest to up date, so for that I am sending out email notices in groups about my big change. DO not worry if you have not received yours, I still have until the end of the month to get things done.

I am setting everything up on my favourite email client, ThunderBird, and I have set up on a SMTP/POP3 account so I can see both email accounts together, and they are stored on my personal server’s hard drives. I like to save and archive all my emails personally, and for good reason. I do not do the web mail things unless I really have to. I would rather remote in on my own system, then worry about web mail.

I know in the end, as time runs out with my email address of nearly fifteen years,  I will have forgot one or two favourite email accounts. But most importantly, I can see a huge reduction in current email SPAM that I am receiving now. Although my SPAM filters catch a lot of it, a few get through, maybe in the number of one or two per day, but still is a nuisance. I will not miss those. In fact, I think my online life will be a happy one once the SPAM scourge is taken care of. As for the ones I miss, I guess I will have to build those ones over again.

Finally, why is all this happing now? Well, I am dumping my old ISP in favour of a cheaper one. Yes. With what I have now, I feel I am paying way too much for. I get cable bundled with my phone and Internet. I only watch one channel on the television, and I just found out that I can stream it for less than $4.00 per month. So the question is why am I paying for service that I do not want, when there is an alternative. My savings, nearly $114.00 per month! Yes, over one hundred bucks! Why I staid with them for so long–I should have head examined. LOL So I am going for the Internet and phone only option–streaming all of my television needs from here on in.

Vacation Time!

Soon, very soon, I will be leaving far far away, as I start my mini vacation. I call this my mini vacation becuase it in not an official full length time off, but a combination of using my Sick Time from work, and wrapping it up around a long weekend, giving it the appearance of a full week off. I also feel I am working harder getting ready for my vacation than I do just doing regular duties at my work. The perpetrations for this trip are starting to get to be too much.

There is no trip guide for someone in my situation. It just boils down to planning and preparation. On one hand, I have my bookings with the airline, and shuttle, plus accommodations, and contact information. And on the other hand, I have my preparations on getting all of my other plans covered while I am gone. Things such as cleaning; making sure the bills are paid and up-to-date; have the right people been notified and are in the know about my departure and return; and so on.

Right now, I am excited. I am leaving on my vacation. But at the same time, I am constantly going over things in my head about everything once while I am gone, and what to do before I leave. It is just crazy.

Census Canada: Made Contact-Done!

Since my last attempt with Census Canada, regarding about getting my census form sent to me and then completed, I finally got through to someone today who could help – and help she did. She explained that a census notice was sent to my address, and that none of the codes have been activated, or the forms been completed between me and my neighbours. My landlord has about a couple of us living here, and sometimes it gets confusing for those who collect the mail to separate, or figure out who gets what. So the kind person at Census Canada gave one of the activation codes from those letters mailed out to us, to me, and now I can complete my census. Yes, I even volunteered for the long form out of the three letters mailed. I am so nice.

One interesting fact that was told to me over the phone by the agent at Census Canada: May 10th is an arbitrary date to have the Census Forms completed. I guess as long as the Census is done within a reasonable amount of time, all is good. That date was given just to have a benchmark for the general population to be motivated and have it done, not a due date that means bad things will happen to you if you fail to complete it by then.

So, why, do you ask, am I so gun-ho about doing this national population survey? Well, as I told the Census Canada Agent, part of my BA was fours years of Statistics, and I love the whole subject of statistics. I understand full well the importance of a nation doing its census so that it can plan for the future and invest in it. With each datum collected, we build a better understanding of who we are as a nation and where we need to focus resources and services. As a statistician, working with fresh, up-to-date data is thrilling–I would be a kid in a candy store. You cannot get any more Geeky than that!

So, once I have eaten, and freshened up, I will dive into the Census Long Form.


Power Outage Number Seven: 2016

As I type this, my power is out, and it is dark and cold, and it has been out since 11:15pm the night before. It is 3:30am; six and a half hours since the mini storm that seemed to have come from nowhere, blowing leaves, breaking branches, finally knocking out our power. I have several candles burning, for both light and some heat, none of which give me much comfort other than my trusty lap top, which is battery operated – thankfully – and how I am writing this at this time.

As far as I tell, my whole street is in the grips of having no power, all of eighty-fourth Avenue, from two-fifty-second, to the bottom of the hill, here in Glen Valley. And so far, I have not heard any heavy trucks roaring up and down my street, stopping to fix the power lines. In fact, my street has never been more silent.

It is Monday, and most have to get up for tomorrow. Myself, I have all day to sleep until it is my time to make my commute to my work. But for those who have to sleep through this, and then hope that their battery operated alarm clocks wake them in time to start their morning commutes, I wish them well. I am sure the power will be restored by the time it my turn to sleep in the next few hours. But, my day is ruined, as I needed the Intranet, and my PC, to do my work with. Lights and some heat would nice too.

I remembered my landlord telling me that “we are at the butt and of Glen Valley, and we get last draw on getting hooked-up when the power goes out.” He was not kidding!


Yay, power turned back on! Yes, nearly twelve hours without, it was turned back on at 10:30am. Some storm, eh?

What, No Census Form in the Mail!

I have been so busy over the last week that I have had no time to check my mail box until today. I was sad to see it full of other junk other than my Census Canada envelope from Statistic Canada. After hearing all the hype about it been online, and how super fast it was to fill out, I was eager to jump the bandwagon and do mine. Right now I am bumbed out, and on the phone; yes, on hold–waiting for the next available agent at Statistics Canada, hoping to help me get it, making me a happy camper.

OK, while I am still holding on the phone, here is where I got the information to contact them, regarding not getting a Census Form in the mail. You can get the link here: Contact Us. Get your coffee and snacks, and find some place comfy to sit becuase it will take a while to talk to someone there as I am sure there are an avalanche of callers around this time-all asking the same questions as me, and needing other help with Census Forms issues.

16 minutes pass…

Yay – Success – I got through! Good news, and bad. It appears that may area, even though it is in the Metro Vancouver area, is considered rural. So, according to the nice lady on the phone at Statistics Canada, I may have someone knocking on my door sometime between now and May 10, 2016, giving me my Census information.

Why not just mail it? If they can send it to households in town, why not do the same for farms and rural homes as well. I think my address has been here longer than Fort Langley was a town.

Oh well, now I wait for the Census people to arrive knocking at my door.