I finely got that darn photo page up and running. It took a while because the software I was using before was so outdated and cumbersome that I finely gave up on it. Now I use “gThumb Image Viewer” by Gnome [LINUX!!!!!], offered through LINUX RedHat-9, the processes has now being a pleasure rather than a chore. The results are very nice and a huge time savings.

Today is the unofficial day for the weBlog. The unveiling of this is currently on my local server: They will not give me any web support or add PHP and a simple database to my website because of their fear of security breaches. To bad, I was going to pay more for it! Oh well…..

Added Feb 9th 2004
I believe that I have found a proper sever to put my weBlog onto. I’ll know in a short while what is going on with that. I guess I’ll need to buy me domain name and see what exactly I need to sort the weBlog with. Getting the right package is going to be a learning curve for me.

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