Best Canadian Horror Movie: Ginger Snaps II

Here we going again. Ginger Snaps II Unleashed is now out in theaters across Canada and movie previews look awesome. If it measures up to the first movie then we are in for a real treat.

The movies hits the cinema today and promises to have more thrills and gore per minuet then the first movie. It still keeps the same humor and whit and still delivers the same feminist overture that the original flick did. It was cool that they kept Ginger. I thought for sure that all was lost when she was killed by her sister at the end of the last movie. You just can’t give up one of the best Red Heads on the West Coast! I mean, come on, Ginger made the movie with her fiery red hair and sassy whit, but she could not of done it without her little sister, Bridget, who the movie centers around.

The plot basically picks up about six months after Ginger was killed and Bridget was put into the rehab centre where she has being injecting herself with Monks Hood to keep the Ware Wolf at bay. They, the rehab center people, believes that she is a junkey because of all the needle marks on her arms from the Monks Hood. She infected herself with the Ware Wolf virus in the first movie to appease her sister before she killed her, now she is the next Ware Wolf.

I really liked the first one. Ginger Snaps II should deliver as much punch as the first one did. But be fore warned: It looks and feels like a B-Movie and may surprise you when you start to get into the story. The story attempts to have several layers to it, but could insult your intelligence as the plots moves on. 3 out of 5 was the average rating that the local news papers are giving it, but because I’m a true fan �“ well I like to think so �“ I will give a 4 out of 5. I did sat through it without thinking about going to bathroom: but wait, it was only 94 minutes long?

Hey, blow the 10 bucks. Horror, blood, mayhem, the cures ( that only the girls get) and of course, Ginger: check it out.

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