Although chosen twice, by lottery out of 96 potential jurors and a total 36 needed for 3 trails, all occurring for the month of February, I informed the judge that I was a 2nd Year CRIM student: a undergraduate and should be challenged. Ironically, both the Crown and Defense were content before I was sworn in, and sharply challenged by the Crown after I gave the information to the court. Out of the 3 trials who needed jurors, I was chosen for the first, then the last. The Sheriff, Crown and Judge forgot about my undergraduate status the second time around, and exactly the same events with the same results. A little twist was that the Crown Attorney was involved in all three cases! This guy must be very busy and good if he is the Crown for the three individuals.

I was actually interested in participating in the process and wanted to become a juror, however that was only because I knew the entire process from both a legal point of view and the enjoyment of being challenged and observing Law in the front lines. But I felt this was the wise thing to do: letting the Crown know about my degree and the sensitivity to the matter, because there could be a “possibility of gumming up the partiality of being a juror” or worse yet, me, exercising my “judicial activism!” Anyway, I’m free from the duty as a citizen to become a juror for the next 24 months. The next time I vote in the next election, I will not check the box on my ballet to be selected again.

Copy write 2004 Thomasso

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