I have being spending this weekend doing my taxes for the 2003 year. I wanted to get this headache out of the way so I’m not caught with a CCRA agent pounding down my door come March after the due date of April 31st midnight. But then I get thinking…
Campbell, Jan 2003.
It is funny, whenever I have done my taxes, I always had these little episodes or day dreams of our government, sitting in the house of commons; debating about how much it’s citizens should pay and/or be exempt from this onslaught: and this year was no exception.

A matter of fact, I was looking at some old news papers clipping last night and an old clip fell right out of the pile that immediately conjured up memories of our British Columbia Government debating how much second and third class people (the economic challenged) should bear the brunt of their last budget. The picture that my mind flashed after reading the article of Gorden Campbell getting busted by the Maui police for Driving While Impaired a couple of years ago set the stage of Ministers drinking together before they entered the Parlement buildings and boasting on how much they bolstered the B.C. Economy on the backs of the poor. When they get inside they announce to the people that B.C. is on track and that a zillion new corporations have being made in B.C. and that will net thousands of jobs and dollars into the economy.

Then I see the photo and awake from my dream.



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