Could this really be a very special day? I like the concept of having a leap year in our calendar. Not because the people responsible for setting it up, that caused some chaos, did not fix all the bugs that pop up every 4 years, but because this is the equivalent of having that 25th hour in the day. I like it because we have a day that is only found once every 4 years and can give us some very comical results. Just think if your Birthday fell on February 29? You would only be 3 after your 12th year based on our calendar. But just think about all those times when you wanted that extra day, an extra hour, you did not have enough time or you were just late and wished you had that extra time to catch up? Well, here you go! So enjoy your time today because this is the day that you asked for, so catch up on all those times that you were asking for that extra hour!

Happy Leap Year!

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