We all dream about it. We never have enough. We can measure every facet of our existence by it. Yet we are bewildered by this concept when you realize that you never own it… Own it? Yep, I’m taking about money! You see, even though you work your butt off for it, and you get to spend it on whatever you want, it can be taken away from you at any time. Even if you stand up and question this concept, the machine that governs it, can prevent you from making more, and by creating dept, regardless of your will, you are a slave to it. Though taxes, and needs and wants, this currency, no matter what it is, that true power is to whom controls it, not who makes it. You can build armies and walls with it, move mountains, build bridges and plow them under again. The one who makes it, who commands the worker, the farmer, the tax man: commands human civilization as we see it. To exchange labour: then creates the seller, the purchaser, then the debtor, then creates the power.


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