Reading the daily news paper during my (half hour) lunch period, the headline, “Privacy officials fear U.S. Law’s reach,” (Vancouver Sun, March 4th, 2004) caught my attention…. I’ll get to Gordon Campbell in a little bit: but first, the article. So here’s how the story unfolds. You see, the U.S. had this 9/11 thing where their law makers created the Patriot Act, that gives the F.B.I. the right to ask any organization or business information (or data on anyone) that it deems a possible terrorist threat. Also, there is a “gag provision” within the Act that prohibits that organization from telling anyone else that the F.B.I. asked for that information they release to them. Cool eh? Well, here is where Gordon Campbell fits in. You see, the F.B.I. can gather information from within Canada! Thats right, your information. How? Well, because of our government’s mandate, such as the Gordon Campbell government, who are hell bent on leather on out sourcing services in the name of privatization and smaller government, did not figure that awarding these to U.S. business, for example: some medical services, that they would fall under the jurisdiction of the F.B.I. So, the article states that our government did not consider this. If the government, “who had a phalanx of lawyers,” they might of figured this out! The article ends with this statement, “It’s more likely that they [B.C. Liberals] don’t care…”


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