It looks like good old Martha Stewart might be doing hard time, in around the order of 20 years, if her sentencing judge slams the book on her. A list of charges that the Jury found her guilty of were: conspiracy, perjury, making false statements and obstruction of justice. I was amazed, yet not surprised by some of the public opinion poles regarding reaction to the to her trial. Most regarded the 20 years as a little too harsh, yet most seem alright with her guilty verdict by the jury. In criminology, I have studied the effect that people give to certain types of crimes, for example, street crime versus corporate crime or white collar crime. Perhaps not noticing if a person stole $226, 000.00 from a Bank (wrote a phony cheque), is the same weight as someone who steels money from unsuspecting people by telling a lie; is of a completely different magnitude?

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