Well, I was told that last night, about the time I got up for work (very early), a smash and grab took place at the 50s eatery where the thieves took the business safe. I have not heard any more about it, whether the thieves were caught or are still at large. But one thing is for sure, crime in our little town, Fort Langley, is getting worse. So far, every business, including our Bank, have had their ATMs taken within last 2 years . When the criminals steel a vehicle, they use it to ram the building with it, then tow the cash machine away. Does it get worse? Smash and grab in Fort Langley, March 7, 2004It seems that criminals are getting more creative and bolder as more and more businesses are getting hit. Still, police are preaching that better crime control, increasing their budget will create a harder atmosphere of curbing crime here in the fort. Right now, the RCMP only respond to calls and do seldom patrols around town. Their resources are stretched very thin for having a regular shift here.

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