It was a somber mood for some, others, it was business as usual, for me, I saw something that I thought I would never have seen amongst the working collective: employees researching their questions regarding our employer and their Employee Agreement. Yes, people who in the past would go home and take out their frustration on family members, or indulge in substance abuse, began to take charge. They started to learn about our system of government and began understanding of how labour really works. Unfortunately, I cannot say this for all, but I am specificly talking about three people who over the years have taken a turn for the better. These were people, who normally would of endowed themselves deeper and deeper into disciplinary actions from our employer, and subsequently would of being terminated from their jobs because of this. They are now in control of their own aggression and learned to think their situation before acting on impulse. It was a moment to behold as management retreated into their offices to regroup and started to think of new strategies on dealing with people who are asking questions. Good on you!

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