Yes I know, I should of had this blog up on the new server last week and guess what? My payment was returned back to me because the address they gave me on their Web Site, was wrong.

You see, they moved their operation and never changed the address on the web site. So, I printed everything out, including the old address: because I was paying by Money Order, as I always do, and mailed everything off last week, March 19, 2004. Yesterday, Friday, the envelop was returned to my surprised.

I phoned them several time through out the week, hoping that there was some sort of oversight or technical problem, I wanted my site up ASP! I kept my cool and tried to politely ask questions seeing if I could find the problem. It kind of sucks that they never receive it the first place.

Oh well, I sent it off by express post, requiring a signature to boot. So, maybe Monday, I will get the go ahead to start uploading the new blog.


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