Blah Blah and more blah!

Well, I finely got this darn blog up and running. It took only took 3 weeks of nail bitting, mass typing, (both in snail mail letters and e mails to the server) plus many phone calls seeing why the site was not up when I paid for it already. Then there was the hassle of figuring out what would be the best format to carry on from my “old” blog…. There are so many to choose from now, not like the good old days when you had to find a buddy who knew advanced php/MySQL code writing to get it going or you just stuck with plain old HTML like I did and uploaded it the old fashion way. The choices where narrowed down to WordPress, because they seem to have the best ADMIN layout that fit all of my needs.

So this is really a test for my new Blog. A test to see what the post will look like and, I get to play with all the nifty gadgets that this program has to offer – and it has lots.

So far, I like the editing page options, very nice – quite user friendly. I can see that uploads are going to be easy and editing should be a snap. Beats the days when you had to manually upload everything!

For those of you who are new to this blog thing, if you look at the bottom of this passage, you will see a link that says “comment- (0)”. Just click on it if you wish to leave a reply to this entry. Remember that your comment is seen by all who visit and I have the secret editing machine to delete those nasty ones right off the face of the Earth. So be kind – please…

Thomasso 🙂

One Thought on “Blah Blah and more blah!

  1. the comments window doesn’t resize…. It is OK for comments, but if I cclick on the link in the comment window, new page doesn’t rasize too….

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