Spring and my alarm clock

Today is the dreaded “Daylight Savings Time Spring Event,” where as the old catchy rhyme goes, “spring ahead, fall back,” and we all so unconsciously adjust our clocks one hour ahead and without any whimper, whine or wheeze and loose an hour of sleep tonight. As Easter falls so late this year, with the full moon on April 4th, the days are already forcing us to work longer into the evening. Do we need any more torture?

Oh how I hate this time of the year. We should be enjoying the warming of the Earth and shedding the winter cloths. This event should be marked with happiness and joy, not sleep deprivation and yawns. I lay in my bed, looking at the ever encroaching sunrises creeping over the horizon and I can only be humbled that only a few decades ago, we as a species, paid homage to the season and worshiped this yearly event. I ask, what happen to our reverence to the nature of things? What is it that we now ignore this balance that our forefathers depended upon? Have we gone so far now, that we are willing to forfeit our sleep patterns to facilitate the labour force, our factories and other industries?

Anyways, I feel crappy about daylight savings time, and sometimes wish I lived Saskatchewan where they have no use for it. They got the right idea, and dealt with it in the right way. “We don’t need it.” they say, “No mountains.”

Besides, I to have found an argument to this cause: with our high tech might and will, we have means of artificial illumination devices that can transform any area we choose into simulated daylight while leaving the space of those who wish to bask in natures delight that choice of a constant sleep cycle. Monday morning is going to be hell, pure hell I tell you… 😀

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