Oh man, getting up for work this morning was hell. But, like any other day, I manage to get through it. The effects of day light savings should start to wear off by the end of this week.

I’ll make this a short post because I’m tired and just wrote a final exam this afternoon and I’m bagged.

For those of you who are keeping tabs on my success with the law suit I recently won against a “Canadian Bank” (in which I will keep nameless, for legal reasons) I would like to announce that the time required for them to file the appeal has laps and they have not filed anything with the court registrar regarding this matter. However, I was told 2 weeks ago that a suit is possible over the legal costs from the original trial. This is apparently a tactic they use quite a bit. I have since filed my Statement of Claim against them for my cost as of March 30th, 2004. Again, I have not received a response to the writ. The cut off date for that is April 16th, 2004. This should be interesting to see what direction the Bank will take now that we are haggling over cost after their defense was thrown out in Provincial Court.

Thomasso 🙁

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