Fort Langley, British Columbia

Yet another glorious hot and wonderful summer like spring day. The Dandy Lions are out in their full yellow best, the (Male) Robbins are flying around attacking anything that is their size, even their own reflection in my tinted windows, and best of all, the women of Fort Langley are sporting their spring wear: almost next to nothing :oops:or painted on pants:mrgreen:! But anyway, this is my salute to the little town that I spent the better part of the last decade of my life in, Fort Langley, British Columbia.

Fort Langley is located along the Fraser River, just 18Km from Vancouver, still in the tidal waters of the West Coast, is has become a major tourist trap for local “lower mainlander’s” and visitors abroad. One of the main features of our little town is the Albain Ferry, that carries cars back and forth from here to Maple Ridge on the North side of the Fraser. This is why, every 15 minutes, we have a serge of traffic that stops everything for five minutes till the ferry traffic clears. We are one of the oldest communities in BC, as we often call ourselves, “the birth place of BC” because originally, Fort Langley was to be the provincial capital.

Holly Wood North really likes our small town look and atmosphere. We sport that mid Western, early century look that movie makers really like. We have had everything from the X-Files to Bye, Bye Birdie filmed here over the years. I have seen some very famous actors here also. It sucks when they block the roads off for filming, coupled with that ferry traffic, but it leaves a good feelling when you are in the theatre, and you recognized your own house, street or landmark on the big screen. Very cool indeed.

But anyway, I like Fort Langley. I work only a 5 minute drive away, and I live almost right down town.December 2004, Fort Langley I know just about every person here plus most of the merchants: a real local spirit is found here. Most of my digital photographs are from around town and over the next while I will be setting up several galleries on this site.

So when your driving down the Trans Canada Highway, either coming or leaving from Vancouver, turn down the 232nd North Bound off-ramp and check us out.

The photo is Glover Road, main drag in Fort Langley, Dec. 2003. Our only cold snowy time last winter…. 🙂

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