Two Comets are heading our way

For those of you who are in the loop, the group of star gazer friends that I chum around with; we all have being summoned to a May 1st and 11th, 2004, event that has being planed since June 2002, a double whammy, naked eye, comet show. I just got word from the Astronomy Association, that everything is looking good so far as both object appear to be showing their tails. Coment C/2002 T7 started showing it’s tail back in December, while C/2001 Q4 coming up from the Southern hemisphere should be quite developed by the time we can view it in the Northern hemisphere.

        "If predictions hold true, C/2002 T7 should peak near magnitude 0.6 
         in mid May and C/2001 Q4 at magnitude 1.1 in early May" 
                                         (Astronomy Magazine, May  2004).

This year, now that I have a killer Digital Cam, I’ll try out some astro-photography when the comments appear bright enough: May 1st and mid May. With my analog SLR camera, I was able to capture Comment Hail-Bop back in 2000 with very good results. When I get them scanned, I’ll include them in the photo gallery on this web site. I got good reviews when I had them posted a few years back. The best one was a 30 sec. exposure, with a 55mm lens with a start-lite filter.

It looks like a lot of events are planed for this summer. I will be setting up my 12in reflector in a couple of weeks. I’m planning a trip over to Vancvouer Island for a weekend soon with it and try deep space photography: 😀 if the weather holds. April is a touchy month for good skys. 😉

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