The Weekend drive around the valley

What a day! It was hot, so sunny out that I thought I was in the middle of August or something, it was a cooker out. :twisted:I drove around and did some visiting. Got caught up on some old friends and gossip. Got the latest dirt from around town. Jack the Clipper in Fort LangleyThen decided to see Jack The Clipper, the local barber. Jack got me up to speed on the other half of the town gossip–Jack is a cool guy, and he cuts hair too.

I drove around the river, up toward Abbotsford, about 12 Km from Fort Langley, checked out the back country and gas prices.The Fort Pub and other stores They do not have the extra GVRD tax that we have on fuel, so their gas is always about 10 to 8 cents cheaper. But I have lots of gas so that was not a problem.

Heading back to Fort Langley was just nuts. Traffic everywhere. :roll:When I finely make it back to town, there were people everywhere walking around, taking their time, either shopping or taking photographs.Wendles, the corner of Gover Rd and Mavis St. One dude, had his video camera aimed right at me, so I whipped out my Pentax SLR that had the 400mm lense attached to it, and I aimed it right at him. :shock:He poked his head out from behind his and gave me this glare, 🙄 like I violated his space or something! Well, I kept the camera on him until he backed off.
All the trees showing thier spring colours.
Tourist can be so rude sometimes. Perhaps he thought I was a one myself and was marking his territory. After he backed off, I left, we were holding up traffic.

So I have a few hours left in the day. This is the third post today, so that means I used a bit of bandwidth and a lot of typing. Well, I cannot let my writing go too long or when I get back in classes this Summer, I will get rusty. It is Good to keep the fingers well exercised for those marathon exams in graduate school comming up.:cool:

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