Carp diem, quam minimum credula postero

As I walked through town just after the sun rose above the trees, about 6:50am, it was a if the evil witch of Narnia from The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe; had her spell broken and all the cold, the still and darkness evaporated as mist, floating up into the sky. It was, with out any doubt: spring. Once again, I could be reassured that my morning rituals of turning on the furnace and opening all the doors to circulate the soothing heat from the :shock:horrid winter cold, was over. Once again, I could walk along the tiled floor without the sting of bitter cold against my warm, exposed feet, after forgetting to put on my slippers. Once again, I can open my bedroom window to let the sweet smelling fresh spring air into the room :wink:as I still lay comfortable underneath my quilted covers, warm and happy. Dam rights its Spring… and about time too!

So, as I have always done every morning for the last 3 days, I walked around with my digital camera and snapped pictures of scenes from around town. Fort Langley in the morning, to me, is the best time. Mostly because there are no people around and the sun is in the right angle for most of the buildings.

I like the walk that early in the mornings. I guess I call myself a early person, :cool:probably because my day job (if you could call it that) requires me to get up at 4:30 am, 5 days a week. So, getting up at 6:00am is really sleeping in for me.

In about a week, I will have a total of 2 weeks off from work and, oh yes, you be assured that camera will be going places this year. Normally, I do not get many opportunities to just drive around take photos. The last 5 years have being school, work, broke, and school: very much in that order. My list of priorities have being skewed by school dominating my daily and yearly routine, not bending to rest and relaxation. So, taking a vacation is somewhat of a foreign concept and something that I must learn to get over.

I never go anywhere. My last big trip was when I moved. I just started traveling again, but only trips over to Vancouver Island that were for family and business. I had to go, and it was on a set itinerary, no fun at all!

This year, that is all going to change. :cool:I’m going to start small, back to Vancouver Island. Just for the pleasure of site seeing and driving down roads that have interesting names. I want to see the places I heard about while listening to the radio, CBC radio 1, of which local programs take you to their backyards and talk about interesting historical sites and natural, unique and little known communities that are not on any major road map. Then photograph them for my journal and scrapbook.

As I travel, I should have the ability to upload my journal to this webpage and record my journeys and log my entries with photographs. I am looking forward to that.

I know, this must sound wishy-washy for some. I know I will get at least one e-mail from you about my sudden burst of “itchy feet” and no doubt will be reminded that no matter how many times I write down a promises, the rate of fulfilling that promise is about 50 percent. Not good odds of you are a betting person. But, it is up to me, and me alone. So give me the chance. Oh, I forgot where I packed my summer cloths?:mrgreen: I need my shorts…

Latin: seize the day, trusting as little as possible to the morrow. HORACE Odes I.xi.8, 1817 BYRON letter 2 Jan.

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  1. Your Pic’s are looking Good!!!!
    See on the “The Rock”

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