Good’ol Mondays, *sigh*

Oh aren’t Mondays just the greatest, especially the ones right after a long weekend or worse yet, after a 3 weeks long vacation. Well, after the still lingering effects of the Day Light Savings Time, and a supper hot day, yesterday hitting a record 29.3C, how do you managed to keep your bodies natural biorhythms functioning correctly with this onslaught of interruptions, one after another. Crap, no wonder everyone is on edge. How can you be, feel and act happy, when inside, you are as miserable as hell. I just think about the rinse cycle of the upright washer over at the laundry mat as the cloths inside spin so fast, you can’t make out the different colours.

The day is half over now. The worst part behind me. I fell like I was cheated of valuable life energy, but then realize that I’m not the only in this world who needs to do meaningless work to earn their wage. Probably anyone who finds a job they would love to do for the rest of their life, then maybe the government would declare it a crime and list it in the Criminal Code of Canada…. he he he. Perhaps that is the case, but then I have heard of rumors of such people in certain occupations in which are perfectly legal. I sure would like to meet one of them?

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