“inter alia de thomasso” 3 days to go! :)

3 more working days to go until VACATION TIME!!! :grin:WoooHooo… I can’t wait, it is killing me just thinking about it. This will be my last couple of weeks of freedom until the summer semester starts up again: I’m going back for another round of classes to:idea: fast track my degree. Work will be kicking into high gear also, making this rest and relaxation period that much more desirable before the summer slam. Oh I just can’t wait.:lol:

Oh, I was going thought my photos on this site, and lookie what I found. Two shoots that are from the same location, Glover Road, Downtown Fort Langley, One from December, and the other from 3 days ago. Cool eh?

Oh, and Mr. hisTory, (you know who I’m talking to) please be kind if you are hacking into this site. I know you will be trying to find some security holes here and I can imagine that there are a few, but please, try not to kill everything if you do break in. :twisted:I know where you work:twisted:!

Well, that is all for today. Even though it was supposed to be a rainy day, it still turned out not to bad: almost like August. This does mean our weather really is screwed up, bugs, droughts and floods, all in the same afternoon? Get out the Sun Screen 3000!

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