Hump day has passed. 2 days to go :)

Well, two more days of work to go, then vacation time! Oh man, I can’t wait…. But, like always, I’ll survive it and get through the last 48 hours of drudgery until freedom. I just want to sleep in and not worry about having to get up for someone else’s schedule. 😡

Work just dragged on and on. The clock just stood still. The more I thought about it, the slower the day went. Serves me right for looking at the dam thing. They should just get rid of it so we don’t sit there are stare at it. The harder I wanted the day to end, the more I knew I was in trouble, or sick of thinking about it. Tick, Tock, Tick Tock, I was trying to use my mental kinetic psychic powers to push the second hand faster and faster around. Like that worked? Duh…. 😕 So I tried other methods. 😕

I found that if I walked to the other side of the building to the other washroom, that killed time. Counting all the beams in the ceiling worked too. But, still, time just slowed.

The weather is going back to its normal state.:roll: Overcast sky and rain. It is getting cooler too. That means that traffic tomorrow will be bad. This means more idiots will be taking their time on the drive in. Commuter’s hell! Chaos! Mayhem! I better have some CD’s ready for the jam.

Hum, anything else to complain about? 😕 Hummmmmm, Nop, that’s it.

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