Zero——-Let the vacation being!

Oh at last, the work week has ended. Not just for the week, but for the whole month, and the start of a whole new vacation period has began. Ah, yes, me, sitting at home with my list of readings, opening that first book, sipping that first shot of espresso:cool: – does life get any better I ask you?

I don’t have that much money and I don’t have any big aspirations of travel, so driving or flying off to far off lands is out. So is me sitting behind the wheel of my truck, blowing almost $0.90 per letre :!:of gasoline either. However, I do have a pilots license ( for 5 years now) so me and two other buddies are heading off to California for a day trip for some recreational flying. I’m just in it for the hours. However, my portion of the cost will be about $280.00 for gas and rental of the aircraft. I get to captain the aircraft for the trip home. I should have great photos soon of that!

But, anyway, I’m tired as hell and will probably hit the sack very early. So, one more bit of news before I crash to sleep. Fort Langley has got yet another eatery called the River Side Restaurant. Actually it was already there, built several years ago, but under new management and totally re-renovated after it was shut down for several months. For those of you who take the Ferry back and forth from Maple Ridge to Fort Langley, you will see their advertising on the Fort River Building’s tower, just beside the main road.

Good night. And have fun at work next week! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha he he he ha ha :!::!::!::!::!::!::!:

2 Thoughts on “Zero——-Let the vacation being!

  1. suck a big fat one

  2. Hope your flying adventure was a fun one!

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