Just a great day for a drive :)

Awh, what a day it has being. A little rain, but that went away, and the sun came out and then spring kicked in just where it left off. So far, it was a good day.

I did my bi weekly gas fill up. Of course I have being keeping track of the gas prices around the Fraser Valley. I have learned quite along time ago that the difference between gas inside the GVRD and the rest of the world can be a much as $0.10 per letre. Today was no exception. As I scanned my source, www.gastips.com, there is a trend that I think is quite amusing, and something only big corporations would dream of doing: razing gas prices during the weekend. Tricky indeed. They know that is when most people fill up their vehicles. Especially during those long weekend right before you go one your road trip. Aren’t they nasty. I mean 89.9 here in Fort Langley and 79.9 in Abbotsford for cry’n out loud!

Anyway, while I was out in Abbotsford getting gas, I decided to snap some photos of the Glen Valley area. I got some great shoots of the Fraser River at the Glen Valley Park and some up on Bradner Road in Abbotsford. To bad I was facing West into the sun. After that I headed into Walnut Grove, just West of Fort Langley, where I decided to part take in some Rotten Ronnie’s: bad idea. Ten minutes at the drive through, and by the time I got home, the burger was cold —– yuk!

As I pulled in at my street, I noticed that people were park all the way at the end. Now, my street is small, and is very close to the down town area, about a block. One of the main roads going to my place is a dead end road, even equipped with a sign. I always get people driving down that road, then pulling over to ask me why they can’t find Langley City.

Don’t worry, I’m nice to them. I just find it a little bewildering that some people will head out to Fort Langley with out any maps? Our streets have names unlike the rest of the Fraser Valley which goes by a number system set up like a grid, the Canada US border is “0 Avenue” and “1street” is in Vancouver and increases the further East you go. A little secret for those who dare to venture out this way.

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