It was great to sleep in, not a care in the world :)

Day number 2 into my 2 week vacation, and I’m off to a great start: sleeping in, stayed in bed until I absolutely had to get out, but even then, my alarm clock said 7:15am. I remember last night thinking about whether I should check to see if I had set it or not. I had to slap myself for thinking such nonsense. I guess I’ll have to put a sticky note on the clock to remind myself that I’m on vacation and it doesn’t matter when I get up. Rest and Relaxation are the order of the day.

I went through the photos from last night’s gas pilgrimage to Abbotsford and found two more photos that I thought might of interest. Another picture-est shot of the mighty Fraser River in Glen Valley looking North at the Mission side and the other of the corner of Glover Road and 96th Avenue in Fort Langley. The photo is when I was on 96th getting ready for the long wait to turn left onto Glover. I just hit the Ferry traffic and was stuck there for ten minutes as the long precession of vehicles march on wards through our town. Now I remember why I want the bridge built over at 200th Street so bad. Traffic is nuts every 15 minutes here!

In town, the old vacant lot between the Hardware Store and Hair Salon, where a huge Walnut tree once stood, is now a construction sight for a new building. I thought I better get some shots of that before they go hog-wiled on that project. They put these buildings up so fast and I wanted to get some before and after photos of it. I have no idea what or who will in there, so I have no relevant information. But I will find out. Fort Langley is a small town and the gossip is our greatest strength as a community: I just need to get to the Public Library, there I will find out all knowledge. Our library is a great source of knowledge, both written and the latest scoop on any one or thing related to the town.

Its vacuum time here at home. So, I will leave and continue this discussion later on today. Enjoy the photos.

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