Off to Vancouver Island.

The Ferry ride over to Micheal’s place last night was kinda of a first. I never stopped when I drove onto it. No waiting, no lights, didn’t even get a chance to read my newspaper. That is a first going across the Fraser on the Albian. My photos are taken while in motion, which should explain the nice shot of the wooden fence on the pear.

To day, the official 1st day of vacation not including the weekends just workdays. So this is the plan. I will be heading over to Vancouver Island riding the Mega Ferry. I have a couple of sisters that live over there. I’ll pop over for a short visit. I’m taking off sortly. I’ll phone you once I get over to Victoria or the trerminal. But tonight for sure.

Hopefully, none of the Ferries going to the Island will break down or sink and I won’t have to wait a 4 sailing wait. I will see if I can post from my Brother-in-law’s PC and send a full report. Right, *hint* *hint* I can use your computer. See you guys soon. 😀

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