I’m in Sooke

I’m Sooke now. Very spread out and the roads are twisty. Everything packed tightly into a narrow valley untill you get right into Sooke propper. I can’t believe that people drive 90 to 100km on this road. The traffic was a little much during their rush-min, but quietly returned to normal.

I drove into Victoria, or Langford, ( *hint* where CostCo and FutureShop are located ) and helped my sister do some food shopping then we headed back.

So tonight, we do the hot-tub and B-Bar-Q. Rest and Relaxation. UTOPIA 🙂

added===> April 23, 2004
Yes, I never got into the Hot Tub. I’m know you guys wanted me to join you, but I just was not into it at the time. OK. 🙂 *grin*

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