From Sooke to Salt Springs Island

The day was great, with 100% sun and warm. You could not ask for better weather. After catching up with some freinds that I have not seen in years, and getting some busness finished up in Victoria we planned and boat trip over to Saltsprings Island and had some Seafood. This was a photo of our “driver” of the boat. We should of put the Green “N” on the Port side Bow….*he he*

My sister’s family, who have just moved to Sooke, and not fully intergrated into the Sooke mainstream, also invited one of their co-habetants, a mother-daughter team for the trip. It was great meeting new people and seeing the coast up close.

I like boating. The freedom to leaving the mainland and passing the BC Ferries while they were on route heading to Vancouver was great. I got some realy great photos of the boat trip to the Island.

Once there, we eat at this Sea food place that was one of the best places I have ever eaten at in a long time. We pigged ourselves. The kids that came along had the time of their lives and once home I felt like crashing right to bed. I was bagged from all the activities of the day. I forgotten how much work riding in a boat took?

Saltsprings Island is a very nice place. I never felt such a warm welcome in a place that must get a million poeple a year. Now I see why so many would want to live there. To bad it is such a small Island, but then that is why it is like that.

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