The road trip

I went Northward up the coast of Vancouver Island to Parksville and beyond stopping at some places along the way, just enjoying the drive.

Driving up the Island Highway during the spring is one of the best drives I have ever experienced. This is probably the 6th time I have driven that road, but doing it during late April was great. It was not too hot and because I traveled in the middle of the workweek, traffic was at a minimum until you hit rush hour. I always forget about that. The other nice thing about late April is no tourist.

I stopped off at Parkesville, and said hi to my sister. She was quite shock as I pulled into her driveway. I came without notice. Well, long story. he he he

I seen a bad accident along the road at Chemainus where a tractor-trailer, hit the guardrail. I don’t know what he was thinking, he might of swerved to avoid another vehicle, but it slowed traffic. It happened long before I got their. They were just clearing the road when I passed by.

Anyway, I drove back, hoping to catch the 7:00pm Ferry out of Shwarts Bay, but I got conned into having dinner with my Other sister over in Sooke. So I didn’t get on the Ferry until the last sailing: the 9:00pm.

2 tanks of gas and lots of kms on the truck, it was a good trip. I’m back home, getting ready for my next adventure. I’m just catching up on all my Emails and Snail Mail then I’m off again.

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