Thinking about school and the next term

I’m home now, safe and sound, tired yet full of energy and ready to go another week. I got in late last night, because I caught the 9:00pm Ferry, I didn’t get in until midnight. Partly because I had to stop and get gas and wait for the rush of passengers leaving the Ferry, to pass by and once they were gone, I took my time.

I had to be back home so I could catch the next opening for getting the courses I wanted in college. It was a real madhouse on line in thier website as people added and dropped course, plugging up the web site to a trickle and then having to pray that your request went through alright.

I got 2 out of the 3 that I wanted: A Political Science, 2nd year, which I need as a required elective for my degree and 2300 Criminology course dealing with young offenders and the Young Offender’s Act, more or less dealing with the Criminal Code of Canada and how it deals with teenagers who get into trouble with the law. This will pretty much sow up my 2nd year, then I’ll be in the graduate status of life. Now if I can only spell, then I’ll be set…. 🙂

I start classes May 3rd. It will be nice to get back in the regular grind again. I seem to feel better when I’m busy then sitting around watching the paint peal, grass grow and the government decide when they’ll build that bridge they keep promising across the Fraser between here and Maple Ridge. Ya… ???

But anyway, It has being another day and I’m doing a load of laundry, so another day awaits me tomorrow.

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