Clean up and dealing with Spring stuff.

More or less I have being catching up on news, spring cleanup:eek: and reading the 50 Emails that still await in my in-box. It is amazing how much this stuff piles up when your gone for a week.

I just started catching up with the news. While I was gone, driving around Vancouver Island, I never really had time to sit down to enjoy a good news paper. So it was shock to read some of the stuff that is happening. Especially that stuff going on in Middle East?

I found out that I needed to investigate a leak in my waterline under my home because I had a small lake that never went away when the hot sun came out. I had a sticky-note on my door: a rather nice greeting from your landlord (or someone, it was not signed) when you got home from vacation that said they could hear the sound of running water. *hummmmm* It tunned out that my waterlines were OK, it was the park’s water valve that was leaking. It took 2 minutes to fix at a cost of $3.00. So that was nice that it never cost my an arm and a leg…. 😮 I took care of that myself rather than getting the “process” started. I hate crowds. *he he he*

Oh, the Emails that are on my Server waiting to be read. It took me about 5 minutes to down load the mail and I just quickly went through the headers then separate them into their proper files and started reading the newer one first then worked my way back to the older ones. But man, what a task. Between the SPAM and friends, I know too many people! :?:He he he……

Oh well, off to start work. 😮

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