Sunday cheap gas and a Bike race.

It is great that I don’t even see or feel that the week has ended (or started) while on vacation. The days just flow together like a nice even cycle of night and day rather then the cycle of workdays with weekends tagged on at each end of a week. I now firmly believe that humans were not designed to live like this. Even some psychologist that I have read from college say this very thing.

It is funny, driving around during the day, early morning, that traffic is the same Sunday’s as it is during the weekdays. So, I was quite surprised that traffic around here is pretty much the same. Just the morning and afternoon rush hours, everything goes about the same flow during the rest of the day. Remember that because I’m stuck inside a building during the work day, I don’t see the different traffic patterns in my own backyard because of this. I always thought that the traffic was getting progressively worse as the population grows. To my surprise, this doesn’t seem to be the case. I guess people are using the main roads and the population can use the road system in it’s current state?

While doing all this driving, or what some call the Sunday Driver, I started off getting gas for my truck. Of course, me being the “activist” of “passive aggressiveness” in nature, I drove over to Abbotsford, as I always do, to purchase gas. For those you who do not get this: gas in the GVRD, Greater Vancouver Regional District, has a higher tax then the Regional District in Abbotsford, as much as $0.10 per letre. So why not shop and save! 🙂

Well off to getting that cheaper gas, I drove right in the middle of a bike race on Bradner Road. There were packs of bicycles of racing types heading down the road like mad. I felt bad driving down their course because the race organizers could not block the road due to being the only rout into the area. But man, can some of those guys really go: I clocked one going at 40KM!

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