School, Strikes and Oil changes: Monday

It was another great day for sleeping in, waiting for the sun to come up and then lazily walk over to the local caf�/bookstore for the morning paper and coffee “to go.” But, there were a few things that I had to get out of way before I turned into a procrastinator: heaven for bid.

The first thing on my list was to get my courses transferred over from SFU to Kwnatlen so that I could get the 2 year degree out of the way. So now it is up to Canada Post. Oh God, not them….. hummm… So anyway, I went back to the Langely Campus “my home Campus” and man was it weired seeing it deserded like it was today. So I took a picture.

Next on my list heading into town for some oil and oil filter for the big tune-up. This is where I get to spend some quality time with my truck. And where I find out that something needs fixing and money thrown at it to make it better.

On my way home, along Glover Road, I saw the hospital works on the picket lines. Actually, I saw them yesterday, but there were only a few of them. It looked like the whole shift was out on the sidewalk. They were just standing around. Some were on the other side of the road, but most were in front of the main entrance, not blocking it, but they had chairs on each side with their signs and placards placed on them.

The Simpson Hospital is a combination Old-Folks home / Long term care facility for seniors. The place is always packed with people, but rarely do I doctors or “white-coats” around it.

A FYI. As I was driving home, I heard on the radio that some group, I can’t remember their name, got the go ahead to buy the land for the Sooke Pot Hole Park which is just down the road from where my sister lives. Apparently, according to CBC Radio’s BC Almanac, the group got to the first stage of buying the land so that land developers could not buy it for housing. Now it will be a Park. I’m not sure if it will be a Provincially run park or owned by Sooke but city council from Sooke wanted the developer to buy it so it would add to Sooke’s tax base. I guess the public can enjoy it for generations to come now!

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