There goes the …hood

I am noticing that small business here in Fort Langley are slowing and that the trend towards building condos atop business sites is becoming the norm to compensate profits of these expensive rents and mortgages. We are getting a new buildings and the designs will support at least 2 units each with 2 bedrooms with shops below at street level. This trend seems to be the result of investment and necessities that has being erupting from our changing economy.

What has tweak my attention is, the attitude of the citizens of this small town who fear crime and change in their backyard from the growing population. As long as their lifestyle and good cheap housing 20 years ago and of a growing economy and the small community are kept, then one would assume that all is fine and the capitalistic way of life has scored another point for the long time Fort Langley resedent. But now everyone wants to live here, so they can work in Vnacouver, and enjoy the small town feelling at the same time.

They fear change. They see only the bad and never the acceptance of what cause that change. That small town attitude has changed, and that change is for good or non-reversible. Everyone (according this old school nonsense) must have a single house on a single plot of land and each house must have a white picket fence, etc. So it does no justice to hear how our little town is dieing and those very stakeholders seem to figure that they are not the cause or effect of the problem, however, they seem to be the authority to fix the problem by seeking rules and polices to make it more difficult for those who start out in the new economy.

The new development is a byproduct of growth. The new style of buildings is the product of our new economy. As property and land prices skyrocket, detailing the design of the units to reflect the true spending of (the lower class) income, this natural evolution will take place from what was normal 10 or 20 years ago as folks try to maintain thier standard of living.

So, should the citizens of our little town get their “panties in a bunch” they should sit back and reflect on how far we have evolved in the 150 year history. Change is going to happen. You can make all the excuses you want, the facts will never change. The story of the Ostrich goes on, if you make the problem go away by hiding your head in the sand then you deserve the kick in the butt because it is sticking up.

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