For those who died on the job.

Today is a day marked for the workers of British Columbia, for those who’s comrades had died while on the job. For some, they perished because of lax governmental safety regulations. Others, from their own neglect. Yet for many, it was due to unsafe workplaces caused by employers who bypass safety regulations in the name of profits.

If you are driving around and notice why flags are flying at half-staff, this is the reason.

Think back in our country’s history of all those many men and women who were killed while earning their living for their families. Remember the tragedies like that of the Wsetry Mining Disaster or, as some would call it, the Westry murders where 23 miners were killed due to unsafe working conditions. And the employer, who was given taxpayer’s money was able to operate without effective government enforcement. Or, the hundreds of farmers who are killed by faulty equipment because the costs for their wheat falls, so does the money for proper maintenance.

According to the Workers Compensation Board of British Columbia, in Canada, today 2 workers will die on the job. Today is the day to remember them.

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