Survivor after the great mow

Another very hot day for spring. Are we heading into a Servivor after the mow“Dry-age” where no ice or cold will occur, just heat and desert as far as the eye can see, except in Prince Rupert, BC?

Our lawns are getting mowed early this year. As the park caretaker took the lawn-rider across the growing grass, I was amazed at how fast the weeds/grass started to grow back. Then to my amazement, there was a lone survivor among all the carnage. A lonely Dandy lion sits nestled just below the level of the blades of the mower and managed not to get decapitated.

So, I thought that this guy deserves his/her photo because of the chances of surviving such an ordeal. I know, I’m a sucker for the little guy who pulls through when the big brother sticks the big-one to you. I could not let this one go by.

I was going through the papers of my late father. Just to let everyone know: I have found the paperwork regarding the matters concerning some of the latest request from the government. Only those of you who are in the loop will understand what I’m talking about. I’m being very deliberate, on purposes. Anyways, the papers are there and I have them. So if you guys want more information, send me an Email or drop me a letter and I’ll tell you about that.

So, other then that. This is a wrap. Back to my sun tan….:smile:

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