Terra Ferma

Wow! Sun, hot and is this April going into May or what? First of all, it has being a roller coaster ride for the last 48 hours. I had gotten so much done around the house that I left nothing for tomorrow. Mainly because I’m back to work on Monday. I kind of got to get myself ready for the regular routing: getting up early, repetitional activities or doing the same crap for eight hours then resting at home, recovering from the shock of it all. Also, classes for the Summer Semester start, so my bio-clock will be nicely out of alignment, getting back into the grind should be interesting. Expect crankiness and a sour attitude for the first couple of days.

Yesterday, myself and my good buddy ”C.K.” went to Colossus, out in Walnut Grove and saw the 10:30PM showing of The Punisher. Don’t waist your money. It sucked as far as I’m concerned. However, it might do well on television, but it wasn’t that great of a big screen experience. Both C.K. and I thought the same on this one. We should of went and seen Kill Bill 2 or something else, we both thought is was a waist of money. Oh, and those pop and popcorn prices… holy crickets batman, $10.00 for a medium drink and a little bag of popcorn? Get real. You should load up on carbs and liquids before you go in there so you do not have to buy their stuff, you’ll get soaked.

Today, well, it was part clean-up and get out for drive day. Actually, The drive was to get out of the house because it was a scorcher. I first thought when I saw the clouds roll in that it was all over and this weekend we were going to be plagued with the typical crummy weather, while the work week would be unbelievably nice, but the heat kept rising.

So I got out and I just happened to run into my good buddy Dave who owns a Ultralight at the Fort Langley Airport.

Ultralight= very small aircraft.

Anyway, we went up for a spin. After he showed me the feel for it, ( I have a pilots license ) I took it up for about 20 min to see what it could do. It was real nice. Smooth, the controls were nice and tight and because it was a high wing configuration, I had very good view of the ground and surrounding area. So before you know it, the whole day was shot because time flies by when your having too much fun. I really wished that I had brought my camera for that. I flew right over my place.

So the term ”Terra Firma” implies that I made it back to Earth OK and that I’m standing on solid ground, not kissing it or in the middle of the river.

By the way, I must use C.K’s initials because he stressed the value of his privacy and therefor, I must respect his wishes. I will do as much I can to conceal his identity, however, for the purposes of my story, I will tell the events as they happened, and reference those who wish to remain anonymous that right. Aren’t I a nice guy!

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