Oh joy, back to work

Another vacation comes to an end.:sad: It has being a great 2 weeks and I’ll miss the sleep-ins and care free night of doing whatever comes to mind with that endless free will lifestyle that only the unemployed or rich and famous enjoy. I am well rested and know that tomorrow will be tough when that alarm clock goes off.:sad:

How can I complain about the last 2 weeks coming to an end. I did some traveling and got caught up on a lot of things that I had being putting off over the last while and made some new friends. It was a very productive time and I hope that I can do this again soon.

Tomorrow, I will be greeted with a mountain of work as I heard that since the tug and barge worker’s strike that ended over a week ago had left over 30 shipping containers in our yard and being short of staff, it will be go, go, go for the next couple of weeks. I can only say one thing, “at least time will fly from being so busy.”:sad:

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