Classes, and Harvey Road at 80th Avenue

This was a freaky day. Not because it was the official first day of classes for the Summer Semester, but because almost exactly one year from today, as I was driving to my very first class last summer, I witnesses a huge accident at the corner of Harvey Road and 80th Avenue in Surrey. Today as I was driving that same road, another accident, though this time it happened right before I got there. Whew…. I didn’t see happen this time. But I got there before the emergency vehicles arrived. I could get around the vehicles OK, the traffic wasn’t blocked, but it sure made me remember back a year ago when I saw that big one.

That was freaky.

Class today was cool. The standard introduction and correcting of the sylibus: that kind of stuff. We will have some prison trips and workshops that we can take part in plus lectures, wonderful lecture. The name of the course today was, CRIM 1247, Young Offenders and Justice, a 3 credit course and that should take care of all of the second year courses I need.

I took some photos of the Surrey campus. A shot of the Turtle pond and water fountain and another of the courtyard looking Westward towards G building and the bookstore. I want to get photos of the Turtles in action. I’m not sure if they are brought in every year or left outside during the winter. I have not seen them since last November. So when I see one, I’ll have my camera with me. I pretty much take it with me everywhere I go now anyway.

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  1. that is freaky…!

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