Fluffy clouds and cheap gasoline

So, gasoline is hitting never before seen prices per letre: now people are thinking about alternative fuels and other forms of transportation as crud oil goes over the $40.00 a barrel mark. We are just starting to hear how much the gas is taxed at all levels of government and how OPEC is taking advantage of any threat of oil production in the middle East. Oh doesn’t it just make you happy that you don’t own a SUV or gas guzzler?

I thought it was a great time to go for a drive and partake in one of the few advantages that I have when exercising my consumer choice/Rights: buying gas with a lower tax. Also, some of my friends have stated that they want to see more of the mountains. I live in BC, they want to see lots and lots of mountains. So, I give you mountains for those of you who do not have any. Enjoy.

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