Some rain and new look for the Blog

It finely rained last night, not that I would ever like it to rain constantly, but we do need it. Langley Township (including Fort Langley) is already calling for some heavy water restrictions and no one likes brown laws and barren flowerbeds, right! Rain is good after such a hot summer last year and the possibility that we are heading into another painfully hot drought like summer again this year could be real. So, I have made a commitment to myself that I would start keeping track of the weather as to prepare myself. When it is so hot out, it effects my work, my self esteem and the comfort factor i.e. sleep, work production and general happiness. “Too much of a good thing is always bad,” someone once proclaimed on television: probably I heard that on the Simpson’s? So don’t be too surprised that I go into “Harp” and “Whine” mode every time the weather gets to unbearable.

The photo is a shot from space of the “posible” storm that we might get tomorrow. The round swirly clouds in the upper left is the storm system over the Pacific. Remember that the storms flow West to East and rotate in an anticlockwise motion… Just in case you were wondering?

You might be shocked at the somewhat new look I gave the website. I posted it on the WordPress website today for some feedback, and boy, did I get some feedback. All useful. I took some the advice and changed about 80percent of the suggestions given. There are few more changes, design and layout, that will require more time in the next couple of weeks, but I got some good suggestions. Thank you to you who took the time and responded.

5 Thoughts on “Some rain and new look for the Blog

  1. Congrats on the new design! 🙂

  2. hi .. just me checking back 🙂

  3. Thanks T, I had some great motivation and suport people from the WordPress communitiy. (-;

    Yup, Lily, I’m still working the XHTML problems on this Blog. I saw how a feedreader works to day. That was cool. Beel hooked me up on his site. Too Cool. Max linked me up to a site that has all of the hacks for WP.

  4. yay! then good luck with the hacks 🙂

  5. Well, I got some of the Smiley thingys working. I’m just trying to get them to mork for the comment pop-up window and advance comment page. This is becoming quite tuff. HUmmmmmmmmm 🙂

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