Weather and Crimes: what next!

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This was a question that put to me yesterday by someone who wanted to know “why I was so interested with weather” i.e. warming trends, drought, water rationing and forest fires. So read on, but first, another question that needs to be answered first becuase I always get asked this.

Well, I live in Southern British Columbia, on the West Coast of Canada, very near the city of Vancouver, and I’m a 20 min drive from the US border. The town I live in is called Fort Langley :mrgreen: just North of Langely City: go ahead, find it on a map? And I am ready for the someone to ask, “Canada, you mean snow and ice, how can hot weather way the heck up there be a problem”? Well, I’m not going to qualify an answer to that.


Anyway, in the Vancouver Sun, our Provincial news paper, stated that April was the warmest it has ever being overall, “ever”. Meaning that per average, we broke every temperature record that we have, along with min precipitation and humidity. Our average increase in temperature was anywhere from 2.1c to 1.1c above normal. I remember that on some days, I had actually turned on the air conditioner in the middle of the afternoon because of the heat and I kept thinking to myself, “dammit it’s only April” :shock:? I remember looking at the outside thermometer and reading 35c while the leaves were just budding on the trees.

Our weather is getting too weird :roll:. I hope the heck our summer is tame compared to our Spring we are having.

    Is there a thief amongst us?:cry:

Last Thursday while I was either at work, or at school, I notice at the end of that day that my CDs and CD player was missing. Point: my CD player does not attach to my vehicle, it is one of those portable jobies with headphones. Anyway, I sometimes forget about it in my home or in the vehicle, it was not until I went out for a drive to a friend’s place that I noticed them gone on Friday.

What was freaky, today at my work, all the managers and ass managers (I like saying that) were in what we employees call “DEPCOM 5 level” [EDIT: should be DEFCOM 1, Thanks Beel]] 😐 meetings, and during our breaks, lunch periods and the end of each shift, there was a ass manager positioned at the entrance of the building. One of employees in another department told me that a huge investigation was going one that (that person) could not tell me because of fear of being fired 😕 .

I wonder if my CD player has anything to do with that. Nothing else was taken, just my music. Please give them back: *snif* *snif*…

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  1. Hey Thomasso, thanks for dropping by my site. Thought I would return the favor and make a comment. Perhaps you meant “DEFCON”? It is an acronym (of sorts) used by the US Armed Forces – DEFense (Readiness) CONdition and is as follows:
    DEFCON 5: Peacetime
    DEFCON 4: Peacetime with increased intelligence and strengthened security measures
    DEFCON 3: Increased force readiness
    DEFCON 2: Increased force readiness but less than maximum
    DEFCON 1: Maximum force readiness

    The U.S. has been at DEFCON 2 only once (1962 during the Cuban Missile Crisis)and that was just the Strategic Air Command, the rest of the armed forces were at DEFCON 3. We were at DEFCON 4 for most of the Cold War.
    (I was an Air Force brat and lived on a Strategic Air Command Base years ago)

  2. Thanks Beel, I was trying to remeber that acrnym, not enough TV I guess? Thanks for clearing that up for me. That is what I was trying to get accross! Thanks for the detailed answer, I learned somthing today 🙂

  3. at home i never bothered much about the weather unless there was a hurricane watch…or something special

    here i never got adjusted to it, or dressing for it!

    goodbye massachusetts 😀

  4. Oooo popup comments. Haven’t seen that before. Don’t use them on mine so you’ll be pleased to know that as I use Mozilla I’ve opened the comments in a new tab. I just like to see everything. Anyway that’s off-topic. What I was going to say was that a friend of mine was living in Langely till a few months ago when he moved back home to sunny Alberta. To be more accurate Lake Bonnyville – not sure if I spelled that properly. He’s now moaning about it being -40 in the shade though I think just recently it has got back up to a warm and pleasant 0. 🙂

  5. Stuart, yup, we got SHAW out here, we use to have Rogers, but they headed East. I don’t know if we got the doos deal in all this. In Vancvouer, (or Langley) is prety much one of the best places in Canada for weather. However, we are going into the drought mode as we are getting less rain and more sunnys days. We are the envey of the whole country. Everyone was freezing while were well above freezing during the winter.

    OH yeah, the pop-up window came stock with Word-Press. And I think I have the latest one? Not sure…. Yeah I’m on the fence about pop-up windows myself?

  6. Yes the pop-ups come with 1.2 as well but I’m not really into them so I’m sure there’s a switch somewhere to take them out. You use what you like though. I can go round them anyway. And for more coincidence a young lady friend of mine (another Clinic member) is over in Toronto/Montreal. She lives in one and goes to Uni in the other. She’s on Rogers. It doesn’t sound like there’s a big choice over there. Did you have a train de-rail not far from you last year?

  7. Your question about Rogers/Shaw: Well, as far as cable TV goes, ya, we are prety much stuck with what they give us. As far as the internet goes, we have a couple of “high speed” options. All are kind of pricy. Of course I feel there is allways room for more chioce… 🙂

    Re Pop-ups: Well, I thought about it right from the start. My justification for the pop-up, however evil they are, is to have a separate window to type in and move around while on the main window, you can see the text rather then simply recall the information. I feel this would come in handy in those realy long posts that I’m sometimes noted for.. ❓

    You’ll need to explain this “clinic member” thing for me?

    Re trains: I remeber there was one up in Northern BC, (6 months) but I’m not sure…? Hummm. Vancouver would be my reference point if your looking for my goegraphic location. I’m just East of there: 25 miles? in Fort Langley. I can’t recall any train derailments in the last while other then the big one in December 2002 when a dumptruck stalled on the tracks and 25 cars left the tracks, no one was killed. That happened on Glover Road, 4 Miles South from where I live. Glover is also the main road through Ft. Langley too. In case you needed to know that? 🙂

  8. Yes that will be the one in December 2002. I said last year didn’t I? My memory gets “hazy” if it’s more than a week. 🙂 He emailed a couple of pictures to me that he’d taken. Looked a bit of a mess. I’ll have to find out exactly where he lived. You might have been neighbours. 🙂

    As for the “Clinic” I run some software called SETI. Have you heard of it? Anyway I run it 24/7 and I’m just approaching 1500 completed units. I’m then going to switch over to the new BOINC application. It’s still Beta but I think they need all the help they can get with it. Thing is I belong to “Carolyn’s SETI@Home Clinic” for the statistically insane. 🙂 It’s a club for SETI users. Rather than make this post too long if you want to know any more go look at my SETI page on The Bomb Site.

    Are you feeling any better by the way? 🙂

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