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I have being trying to get the website XHTML correct. Validating the XHTML seems to be harder than initially thought. The page does not allow me to insert photos and HTML tags from within the text poster using WordPress without saying I have problems. The problem doesn’t seem to effect myself, using Mozilla or Internet Explorer, but “it” says it should? So, I can’t see what it looks like from other browsers, so if you notice that something looks out of place, please let me know.

For the photos, I’m using the float element in the CSS and then using the HTML tag within the text posted on the blog. The HTML tag, that came with WordPress also seem to be a problem.

Anyone have any ideas, please let me know. I would like to get this XHTML valid one day.

5 Thoughts on “Redesigning the BLOG

  1. what is actually the problem with the images?

  2. I don’t know? Everytime I run it through the XHTML validator, is seems to flags them down. The detail sheet from that site says that I should use my CSS to fit the image onto the page…. I haven’t quite figured that what the means yet. I started some ideas using the CSS but I still need to post it through WP poster page? Gerrrrrrrrrr 🙂

  3. Two small questions come to mind. I don’t use images in my Blog so does the Quicktag close the “img” tag correctly – that is does it put the “/>” at the end or is it just “>” ? Also which version of WP are you on cuz v1.2 has a plugin that is supposed to tidy all post and comment entries to XHTML specs.

  4. ooo me likes the sound of that plugin

  5. Well, the img tag works, but when I re-did my Layout-Sheet, it nolonger works? 🙁 So now I put them in manualy. I just started doing that.

    There are plugins for photos, but I could never get it work. The hack was way beyound my skill level. You were suposed to have thumbnails and photo layouts all ready made for Word-Press.

    But yes, the image tage did work. Maybe I’ll reinstall it?

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