Power in the post: people read this stuff!

I just realized an astonishing fact about writing this Blog that has knocked me on my: you know what– and now makes me ponder and analyzes what I type before I post even that much harder. The power of writing in it’s self is one of the handiest, if not, the greatest tools one could have: next to having your publication in your very own newspaper for speaking your mind and will. However, like all things great and mighty in our free society, I find myself exercising selfawhereness of what I write from being critical and judgmental, having to account for what I write knowing that somewhere, someone will find issues of positive or negative nature in that. I tend to think that I walk a thin line here and I now know I have a audience.

One factor that I have notice when post to my Blog, is I need to account for those who use Newsreaders and News Agregators. Devices that automaticly update when a post has being made from preselected Blogs or news feeds. A snazzy way of tracking Blogs, so you don’t have to keep checking them every time you log on to the net. Once a post has being made, it tells you and it lets you read the new post without spending time checking. The drawback is, If I were to post something, then change it, the newsreader has already read the first post and the reader will not see the EDITED version and the will miss out on the updated post. So, I now must make sure that what I post, is the final draft, I guess the same guidelines as a news paper would follow.

Another issue that I’m finding a lot now is how sensitive some of you are. By that, I mean, something gets lost in the translation, or ambiguity abounds in some of the text posted here. I find that some comments are so far off from what I have posted that I sometimes spend more time than I should trying to figure out the connection. I know its hard for some to read dialecticly and post in that order, but comments are just that: your thoughts and opinions to what you have just read. If you decide to post a non associated comment, you should post via Email or indicate that it is Off Topic.

Lastly, If you disagree with what I post, say it! Post your comments in the space provided. That is what it is there for, your opportunity to voice yourself, free speech man! This is a free country and you should voice yourself. I value free speech just as much as you do, if not more because I have posted my thoughts and I invite you to do the same.

Yes it is true that I can Edit your comments out, but I would only do so under certain situations that would warrant that: racist, derogatory or any comment offensive or that would violate the Criminal Code, would get edited out. Swearing and nonconforming language, I would simply blank out, however, if you were a habitual user of such language, then I would prevent your comments altogether.

2 Thoughts on “Power in the post: people read this stuff!

  1. haha! i said there was no free speech on my blog…but if i edit a comment i will say why 🙂

  2. Yeah, I’m doing just that. I’ll leave the origonal one, just cross it out, and correct it. If it is just a change… 🙂

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