A head of schedule… in a long time

I don’t believe it! I’m actually ahead of schedule for the first time since December? Now I don’t know what to do with myself with all this freed up time? Should I study though? …..I made a pack[1] with myself that I would get A’s this semester. Hummmmmm…. I’ve being getting a constant “A-“/ “A”for the last 2 semesters[2] and I have being achieving and maintaining my GPA @ a B+/A- level. It is sure nice to have the *luxury* of debating what to do with time __allocation__ rather then chasing it all the time? *he he* get it…

p{color:green}. My list of achievement today was — monumental:

# Homework:
## Reading assignments completed.
## Readings for next week, done.
## Reread all lecture notes, done.

# Shopping:
* Food and cleaning supplies, done (for the week anyways).

# Vehicle:
## Oil change.
## Tune-up and general cleaning, done.
## Also, bought cheap gas in Abbotsford.

# Letters/Documents:
* Emails and Snail-mails typed, and sent, including post through the post office.

# Laundry:
* folded and put away.

That was my list up until 6:00pm. So now I have at least 3 hours to read and study. I must be developing some innate time management skills that have all of a sudden surfaced and kicked in. This is scary! I hope I can keep this up? Now I’m worried!

fn1. This was only a figure of speach. Neither the Deveil or any Black Magic was used as a bases of the agreement in principle. 🙂

fn2. This is sort of a white lie becuase I have gone over 4 semesters now. Clearification, I feel was needed — becuase not all would understand in the event of someone wanting to follow my footsteps in postsecondary education.

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