A Cold in a Heatwave.

I have a cold and I’m suffering! :cry:I have being in bed all day and I took the day off from work. I need a body transplant. My sinuouses are shoot, that post nasal drip and head ache of mass proportion have hit the pain threshold of starting a chemical warfare battle plan of cold medications.:shock: I get up out of bed, feel good for about 10 min then need to go back because of the sinuous pain. Ya…………. *sniff*…….*cough*…….*drip*……… 🙁

6 Thoughts on “A Cold in a Heatwave.

  1. i wish i were sick

  2. No you don’t! No this… 🙁

  3. oh man, i feel your pain. join the club.

  4. I can’t believe I caught a cold in the middle of Spring…. *sniff* *drip* *hack* XX-( Somebody shoot me! And I have a class tonight…. *cough* *sniff* gerrrrrrrrrrr…. 🙁 Thanks Michael, pain sucks!

  5. yes
    sick thus no project..drop out happily

  6. Lily, you should go back to class, and hang with all the students who are ill. That’s how I got mine. Everone in my Criminology class are sick….. Class was a joke today. You had to realy focus on what the Prof was saying over the hacking and coughing. *sniff*

    My group along we had 3 people missing from this sickness. *cough* *drip* 🙁

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