Second day in bed: Sick :cry:

Again, I took the day off from work, so this now makes it a grand total of 2 days now 😯 . I think my employer:evil: is going to be pissed because we are so busy. I have no energy to post a normal BLOG :mad:entry, just enough to get posted up.

Now my lungs are being hit! First my throat started to get a little itchy and scratchy, and that was on Monday. :neutral:I was just starting to feel the horror of the cold when the infaction spread up to my nasal passages. The final blow came last night when my lungs started to get all congested and sore. At the moment I have nasal congestion:???:, a slight cough, aches and pains :cry:in my head and chest and a slight fever. Oh, I can’t forget the killer runny nose and sneezing:cry:. *snif* *cough* *drip*

6 Thoughts on “Second day in bed: Sick :cry:

  1. Sorry to hear you’re feeling so bad, 🙁 but to follow on from Lily’s Blog, if you’ve got Lily and Max on your case it’s always best to just give in. You should ask Lily about how I am now one of her “minions”. 😉 I’m not going to mention Beel cuz he can be very helpful. 🙂

  2. Haha. I’ve just moused over your website link on noticed you’re on “” which is what my friend was on till he moved. Small world isn’t it? You’ll have to read my comment on your “weather and crimes” post to know what I’m on about.

  3. Feel better soon! 😉

  4. Thanks Tanya, I think I’m going to attempt work tomorrow. I just did a class tonight, so If I can sit through 3 hours of lectures, I can work 8 hours…. well maybe not? :).

  5. I hope you don’t have the strep that is going around too… Apparently NOT nice.

  6. Acording to the doctor I saw on Wed. that is what he figures I have. Right now it is Sat. morning and I seem to be getting better quite quickly, which is a welcome sence of relief. Happly for some, my voice is gone and speech is limited to about ten min. , however, that is slowly returning to normal. I still have the “scratchy throat” and headaches but I was able to read a couple of chapters of homework today. 🙂 Yeah, NASTY is right!

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