A Fedral Election has being called!

On Monday we will start the election for June 28, and for the next 35 days afterwords, we will be hit with a flood of political adds and speeches. Yes, we are now heading into a Federal Election! The Governor General of Canada has granted, and will dissolve the 37th legislature for the election we are about to have. Paul Martin emerged from the Governor General’s office in Ottawa this morning and announced the election. He started right into the scrum in “Election Mode.”

Paul Martin (21st Prime Minister) , representing the Liberal Party who is unelected, will have, according to some experts, a up hill battle for his party. Right now the Libral Party has being going through some very bad scandles and party problems.

On the “Right” we have the Conservatives, with Steven Harper saying that they have a strong lead, especially in the West. The media is stating that it is a “Two Way Race” pitting the Conservitives against Liberals. We will see!

The Block P.Q. are not as strong this time around within Quebec, however, they are only concern for Quebec and are really not here for the federal foundation of Canada. Remeber, the Block only runs in Quebec.

And way over one the Left, the New Democratic Party by Jack Layton will be on stronger ground. The NDP believes that for the first time in many decades, they have a strong support base that they never enjoyed before.

…..and where does Thomasso stand? Stay tuned….

4 Thoughts on “A Fedral Election has being called!

  1. We’ve got our local elections here, town councils and the like, early June. Just had my voting card. I probably won’t bother. There’s a bit of a malaise in politics here at the moment and local elections are sort of bottom of the pile. We’ve got the Euro elections coming up soon though. They might cause some ructions.

  2. We’ve being lucky, this will be the first set ot elections in 2 years for us. We had some Prov. bi-elections a few months ago, but everyone knew what the out come was anyway. However, alot of people are getting a little pissed at our current government: me anyway, and are looking for some change!

    Yes, you’ll need to keep us up speed with the Euro Ecetions. I would be intrested on your views on that one. That would be the mother of all elections, eh?

  3. It should be fun but the one that might throw the biggest wobbley is probably going to happen next year sometime. That’s when Britain will have a referendum on whether we want to accept this new European constitution or not. It’s been 30 odd years since we voted to go into what was then the European Common Market, a very large free-trade area, and since then it has become more and more a political union. Successive governments of all political persuasions have doggedly refused to listen to the British public or ask us what we think. The time is nigh. World war III is about to commence. 🙂

  4. Oooooo, World War 3? I thought that the British were the ones holding out from EU? Is Britin in a posistion not to ignore the huge market “this free-trade zone” that has got the US’s panties in a bunch. I mean even Canada has changed some of it’s “laws” to meat the standards of the EU. Actuly, I though England had started the EU, but that only tells you how well I know international politics. What do you think the people of Britin feel about the EU? Good or bad…..

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