Victoria Day, The parade, Day off from work.

So rather than sitting on the side of the curb to watch the parade go by here in Fort Langley, I sat at home and did homework and reading beside the A/C. Remember, I’m still sick..*cough* *sniff*… But anyway, I needed to re-read some readings for my classes. My first exam is on June 9th CRIM 1247, so, must be ready!

I had the radio on today, CBC Radio1 Vancouver, where they did a survey on what Canadians think about in general, on their political views and rated our general knowledge. The Pollsters found that more Canadians knew who the president of United States than the name of our own leader! Most could not even name who was the Finance Minister is!

Since one of the classes I’m taking as an elective is Political Science, this Poll really interests me. Perhaps that the importance of it and along everyone who would need a political viewpoint when they vote probably explains one reason for low voter turnout. I do not know?

So, some Election Facts that you might need to know:

Current Leader/ government of Canada: Paul Martin of the Liberal Party.

Opposition, Second place in the Polls: Stephen Harper, leader of the Conservative Party.

Opposition, Third place: Gilles Duceppe, leader of the Bloc Quebecols Party.

Opposition, Jack Layton, leader of the NDP (New Democratic Party)

2 Thoughts on “Victoria Day, The parade, Day off from work.

  1. Thanx for the info…..How is your cold?

  2. Yeah, no problem… The Cold is fine…. I guess I’m fine too…. *cough*

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