I snuggle by my furnace and hug the clouds.

I’m sitting here listening to the rain hit the windowsill and watching the puddles turn to lakes. The rain makes me feel so relaxed when there are no other sounds. Awhhhhhhhh… The Cold/Fever/Flu, is almost gone. Just some sinus leakage every now and then, with a cough, but I’m able to sleep without any problems: except for my noisy neighbors who thinks there is no one else on the planet except for them: those self-centered…. Back to the nice sound of rain hitting the window…. I like rain on a day like today. Where I work, it gets so hot and muggy inside, that I cringe whenever the Sun beats down on the building and the air temperature inside hits 40C+! A nice overcast sky is perfect for a day like today…. We need 4 day long weekends, not these 3 day ones! I vote for more long weekend——–I should get into politics. 🙂

4 Thoughts on “I snuggle by my furnace and hug the clouds.

  1. Tom… Why don’t you??

  2. To NetChick! That would be a mistake for us to let Tom go into Politics – we would never be able to shut him up!!!!! Just kidding Tom.
    From your Loving Sister.

  3. Ha….Ha….Ha….. Well, just to let you know, Jack Layton already said that the NDP would add 2 new holidays:part of his election platform. 🙂

  4. I always wanted to know somebody in politics. 🙂 We’ve had a really nice week here and now it’s raining. Just in time for the weekend. 🙁

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